What Size is Your Wood?

Discussion in 'UK Smokers' started by smokewood, Jul 1, 2015.

  1. smokewood

    smokewood Smoking Fanatic Group Lead

    Right chaps lets not be shy, how big do you like your wood........... Chunks?

    After watching a fair few youtube videos and reading the odd thread It seems it's horses for courses.  I personally use fist sized,or something slightly smaller, and throw one of these on every 45 minutes or so depending on what I am cooking.

    What's your choice and why?
  2. Hello.  WELL!  THERE! is a question.  Some of the responses will depend on the smoker you are using and the smoke generator if using one and what you are smoking.  Cold or hot smoking as you know.  Dust can come in to this.  Right now.  Just using my Webers for hot smoking I only use large chips ( although I have some maple chunks to try ).  I am "unconventional"  I just don't believe a certain thing MUST be done like this.  I don't discuss everything on the open forum.  I use large chips because I blend flavours.  UNLESS I am using mesquite alone.  I do not do that unless it is just certain friends and family members because of the strong taste.  I will start smoking other things.  Mostly cold smoking.  Cheese.  Salmon.  More delicate flavours.  Ya can't hit that with mesquite.  Just my thoughts.  Keep Smokin!

  3. wade

    wade Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    The size if the Maple chunks that you sent were a good size. The sat nicely on top of the coals and fitted under the grate in the Weber. They also burned at a good rate - not too fast.
  4. I've just used chips so far.

  5. smokewood

    smokewood Smoking Fanatic Group Lead

    Do you use chips for everything? and do you soak them before use, or just use them dry?

     I will be bringing some chunks down to the Smoking Weekend, you can try some out if you want, and see what you prefer.
  6. bluewhisper

    bluewhisper Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    My offset can take splits up to about 15 cm, or I can burn any mix of chunks and briquettes. But it isn't suited for chips or pellets, unless I install something like the maze-type fuel trays. Yesterday's salmon smoke began with a briquette fire, then switching to apple chunks.
  7. I've only used chips. When I bought the ProQ a month ago I just ordered five bags of chips at the same time (hickory, oak, cherry & apple.

    I soaked them for the first time yesterday, the previous two times I didn't.

    I've never used chunks. So it will be cool trying some.
  8. smokewood

    smokewood Smoking Fanatic Group Lead

    I think Danny uses chips all the time, as it is difficult to get Mesquite & Pecan in this country in chunks, with the chunks you will find that you get a longer burn.
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  9. osprey2

    osprey2 Meat Mopper SMF Premier Member

    I can honestly say that chunks are the bees knees thanks to James (Smokewood) Two chunks of pear and one of cherry gave a great pulled pork.

    As for Danny, one day soon he will be enlightened.
  10. smokewood

    smokewood Smoking Fanatic Group Lead

    Thanks Dave I appreciate it.
  11. About this big😃👍🌲
  12. chef jimmyj

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    " What Size is Your Wood? " You Brits know how to keep it clean! This thread could have gone a whole different direction if ALL us Yanks could post...[​IMG]...JJ

    BTW...8 cm square chunks with Charcoal, AMNPS Pellet Maze in the Electric.
  13. It's on. I'm a grower not a shower! But it's enough to fill a pram. 😜
  14. chef jimmyj

    chef jimmyj Smoking Guru Staff Member Moderator Group Lead OTBS Member

    HA! I filled 3 prams...[​IMG]...JJ
  15. HEY!  Play nice boys.  This IS a family site!  [​IMG]   At my age; usually just 1/2 inch chips.  [​IMG]   Keep Smokin!

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