What size AMNPS?

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  1. I am getting ready to order one of these wonderful gadjets and it looks like there are different sizes. What size would be best for MES30?
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    Get the pellet smoker that way you can use dust or pellets 
  3. AMNPS  is the pellet unit and it comes in one size only ....  just fits the 30 .. if you are setting it on the rails on the left side  .. ( The two rails of metal that hold up the chip box )..

    Go to Todd's site  a-mase-n ( google search ) .. read the downloadable user file PDF

    His site is not as easy to navigate as others ... so be sure to see that there are packages available ..  ie.  a AMNPS and some pellets at a bit of a discount .. also on his site he will advise you if you just buy the unit it comes with a small amount of sample pellets

    Be advised he also recommends if you are a cherry smoker by choice then to keep the cherry pellets going it is wise to add a 1/2 inch layer of oak or some other flavor .. so do not just buy cherry  .. it is all in the user manual

    Using the 30 if you also decide to get the dust ( sawdust ) smoker AMNS .. it will need to sit on the bottom below the rails .. so either size will do ..

    Lots of info as to how to use for different temp smokes and other locations within the 30 in this FORM    ...... 
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  4. I went back on Todd's site and understand now. I was looking at the AMNS instead of the AMNPS. Thanks for the help.

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