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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by albertahab31, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. Hello All

    I need some advice with what to buy for my next smoker. I currently use a Brinkmann from Bass Pro Shop. It was inexpensive but has served me well to get started. However I want to upgrade to some thing I can smoke overnight with and / or smoke larger things with. Also I want to be able to control the temp better. I want to spend about $300 including any mods needed. Thanks in advance!!!

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  2. mike johnson

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    I'd get the MES30 or MES40 (masterbuilt electric smoker) No mods needed except the AMNPS. Youll have target temp control and its large enough for turkeys and packer briskets. Plus with the 40 youll have a pager that shows temp and meat probe temp, with the ability to to raise and lower temp while drinking beers in the house with your buds while watching the game.
  3. [​IMG]I am thinking of buying this model? Any thoughts?
  4. Thanks for the advice. What you say sounds great! But I am liking the idea of charcoal and long back yard "cookouts" also.

    Hmm tough call thanks again
  5. s2k9k

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  6. coacher72

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    I agree with Mike Johnson if you want something in your price range then MES 40 would be good. But as you say if you want to sit around and tend a fire I'd go with the WSM.
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  7. That char broiler is joke.  Metal too think and it's too drafty to do any type of overnight smoking at all.  My buddy got one and it wouldn't hold temps for more than 30 min.  They work ok as a "grill", but if you want a grill your better off getting a Weber kettle anyway. 

    Not sure why your not getting a WSM, but for $299 it's all the smoker you will EVER need.
  8. Get a wsm. I love mine. You don't have to tend them, set it and forget it. They work great for overnight smokes. Best of all don't need to buy any additional devices to creat smoke. Unless of course u wanna cold smoke in it.
  9. jirodriguez

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    There is a reason why WSM's are considered one of the best smokers you can buy for under $400 - in simple terms, they just plain work.

    The WSM smokers, both the 18.5" & 22.5", are as close to set-it-and-forget-it as you can get with a charcoal smoaker. When I do "overnight" smokes I load up my charcoal ring, get it up to temp, toss on the meat, dial in the temp. and go to bed for 6 or 7 hrs. After that I just check the meat once or twice and just let my WSM do it's thing.
  10. big twig

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    WSM all the way!

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