what should chips look like when it's time to add more?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by skpeep, Jun 15, 2014.

  1. I am just wondering how you can tell when to add more chips?  should the old chips we completely ash? should they just be black, but still in the shape of chips?  What do you look for to tell you when to add more chips?  Anybody have pictures I could check out?
  2. Black equals not full combustion. U want the chips to turn to ash. Are you using an MES? If so then add chips when u see the smoke no longer being produced. Maybe every 45 min or ao.

  3. I think the problem I have been having is that I am not getting good combustion of the chips.  I have only used my smoker a couple of times since buying it and I don't think I am getting as good of smoke as I should be.  I am using an MES 30.  For example, right now I have a pork butt on the rack.  I put it in at 9:30 this morning.  I filled the chip box with dry, apple chips.  Here it is 6 hours later, and the wood chips are a blackish/ rust brown color, and I even added some new chips about half way through and those are still a light brown color.  I took the chip box out and put a torch to the bottom of it, hoping to get some more heat to it, and then put the lid back on and put it back in the smoker.  When I first start up the smoker, do I need to jack the temperature way up to get the chips really smoking?  I have just been setting it to the temperature I want it to cook at, and letting it go.  Is the temperature not getting high enough to get the chips smoldering.  I am trying to keep the temperature about 230-235.  I am sure I will still produce a good tasting pulled pork sandwich, I just want it to be smokier than I believe it will be.  I removed the rack that the water pan/smoke box sit on, and I have both of them just sitting directly on the heating element, so I know the chips are getting heat.  Getting a little frustrated that I can't figure out how to make more smoke.  Maybe I will looking into doing some mods to it.  Sorry if this reply is so confusing.
  4. Make sure your top vent is wide open.  Also check into the wood you are using.  If it's stuff from Lowe's or Home Depot then try some good woods.  Do a search on here but I believe a good source is Fruita.   Quality wood. 

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    I found my MES 30 didn't supply enough fresh air for the chips to burn properly.... try pulling the chip tube out about an 1 1/2".....
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    If you're still here, What you need is an AMNPS, and you'll Smoke Happily Ever After!!!

    Unless your place in WY is at a High Altitude, in which case you would need an AMNTS.

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    Type analog in the above search box. Check out fixes and mods. Many newer smoker's ( meaning people ) are confusing Masterbuilt 30 analog with the guys who have the better digital models. Whole different animal ! The analog takes much more attention and heat control has a bit of a learning curve.

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