What part of the pig is this?

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  1. So I am trying to figure out what the name of this cut is here in the US.

    I was visiting a friend overseas and we went to his brothers restaurant and he made this awesome slow cooked pork dish.

    BUT for the life of us we couldn't figure out what the cut of the pork is in english - so I need help identifying it

    this is the page for what he THINKS is the cut of meat - german wikipedia page - 

    Google Translated version - keep in mind, direct translation - not necessarily correct:

    The thick ribs, brisket, chest  or Brüstel  part of the forequarter of pork . It is below the neck or shoulder and has, like the belly meat , high fat content of about 20 percent.

    The rather coarse flesh of the thick rib is usually boiled or stewed with bone. To make it more tender, it should previously marinated be. Most, however, the thick rib salted or smoked and is particularly offered for hearty dishes like stews suitable. Similar to veal breast and the breast can of pork stuffed be.

    As a piece it is also suitable for grilling , but then like all long fibrous pieces of meat must be cooked at low heat. The high fat content prevents it from drying out, so it is also suitable for beginners in the low-temperature grilling.

    Some pics of it:

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  2. Way down here it's sold as scotch fillet or neck .Its the inside part of the shoulder which is why it's sold without skin. About 2 kg max. Lovely line of fat through it.I use it in braises,whole or cut it into cubes for Portuguese pork & clams .
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  5. Thanks Moikel!

    Does anyone else agree/disagree?

    Does anyone from way up here(US) know how I would go about asking for it from a butcher?

    Is there anything with similar cooking performance/taste?
  6. There's a guy on this forum Pops6927 he is a meat man. Knows all about this kind of stuff. I think if you PM him he can answer that. Welcome to the forum , by the way.
  7. pops6927

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    it is a pork butt and pork arm shoulder.
  8. That's exactly what I was think as I started scrolling thru this.

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