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    What material are you guys using for your cook rack frame is is three sided ?? how are you cutting and welding your corners.
  2. I recommend 3/16" thick, 3/4" angle, frame in all four sides and weld flattened 3/4" x9 expanded to the top of the frame. Then grind spot welds smooth. That way you don't have a lip all the way around the cooking grate. Some use square tubing, but I feel it warps easier.

    A easy way to make your miter cuts on the end if all you have is a cut off wheel is to just cut them to length, then set them on a corner of a shop table you know is square and over lap them and cut through both pieces at once. That way it doesn't matter if angle of cut is slightly off, the cut will still match and corner will still be square. Direct all heat into the top leg when welding and it won't warp.

    The angle actually slides easier on the racks as well.
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    Yep! Angle or square tube, mostly personal or design preference. I like angle iron as well. I am going with 1" by 3/16" thick angle and tacking the expanded to the underside of the angle for a cleaner look. Another option for cutting angle is a notched cut...

  4. You will end up with a 3/16" lip all the way around the grate that will build up with crud and take twice the effort to keep clean.
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    So it's just two sided angle so just the thin edge of the angle in sliding in and out on cooker rails I thought you would want a flat surface to flat surface to slide in and out.
  7. The thin edge will mean less crud builds up under the lip and grate will sit level, kind of self cleans every time it slides in and out.
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    So I built my racks today and used the notched method I mentioned. Here is how they turned out. Pretty quick and easy cut to set up.

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    This is how my last cooker was set up and I didn't have much trouble. I didn't cook on the edge of the rack though, so maybe that helped. Nice thing about doing the work yourself... if I find down the road I don't like it, I'll make something else ;)
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    do you guys do this yourself? I wish I had access to a weld shop...

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