What makes this sauce bitter?

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  1. dadgummit!

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    My homemade sauce has a bitter taste , and I just wanted to see if anyone knows what maight be the cause?

    My ingredients are:

    1 cup ketchup
    1/3 cup worcestershire
    1/3 cup yellow mustard
    1/4 cup pickle juice
    1 teaspoon hot sauce
    1/4 cup mollasses
    2 tbs honey
    2 tbs chili powder
    1tsp creole seasoning
    1tsp black pepper
    1tsp onion powder
    1tsp garlic powder

    The wierd thing is that its only bitter as a dipping sauce , if i brush it on in the last stage of cooking its fine.

    I'm suspicious of the pickle juice and the chili powder. Any ideas?
  2. Without quanities i cant say, pickle juice?
    Are you cooking this sauce before you dip into it?
  3. An update on Quantities would help...
    What brand of molasses are ya using? The Brare Rabbit brand has a very harsh flavor....Grandmas brand is very nice...some hot sauces have a bitter taste...Good Luck
  4. The bare rabbit has a normal and mild flavor. They are both strong I never tried the Grandmas. might have to though
  5. I'm with Bubba, lean toward the pickle juice, depending on quantity used.
  6. dadgummit!

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    OK I edited the post to include the quantities. The mollasses is Grandma's or I use Steen's pure cane syrup. And yes I do cook the sauce.
  7. ron50

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    Sounds to me like the pickle juice could be the culprit.
  8. What brand of ketchup? Some brands are heavy on vinegar.

    What happens if you reduce the pickle juice by half?
  9. I think it would be the pickle juice also. Maybe try to heat it a little before dipping into??????????

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