What kind of rotisserie to fit a turkey on weber kettle?

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by brendontw, Dec 14, 2014.

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    Hey folks. I smoked a few chickens on my kettle last week and they turned out incredible. I think I'd like to do a turkey for Christmas but I'm wanting to buy a rotisserie for the things. Trying to choose between the Cajun bandit and the weber rotisserie.

    Things to consider:

    I'd like to fit a decent sized turkey on the thing with a fair amount of space between the bird and the lid.

    I like to be able to put racks on the rotisserie eventually for ribs and such. Something like the rib-o-lator. I don't know if this is only compatible with the Cajun bandit though.

    Don't care if it's battery vs corded.

    I like the idea of keeping the regular cooking grate on the kettle but maybe I'm dreaming there, space-wise.

    Are there any products or combinations of products that I could use to meet these considerations?
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    I've debated buying one in the past from Weber.  Send Weber an e-mail asking how big a turkey weight their rotisserie can handle.  You'll be surprised how fast they get back to you (I've asked them other questions by e-mail).  Questions and reviews on Amazon say people have smoked16-20 lb turkeys on it. 

    If you buy the whole rotisserie kit the extra space provided by the Kettle ring insert should give plenty of space for what you want.  Don't know about keeping the top grate on though while smoking/cooking a turkey. 

    Keep us posted on what you get.   
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  3. you really dont need a rottisserie to cook a turkey on a weber kettle
  4. I saw a guy do a 25 lb bird in the Weber roti over on TVWBB.
  5. use indirect heat and a water pan ............ I have cooked many turkeys on my weber kettle
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    You could build yourself a mini wsm with rotisserie...


    You might also want to look up chef Willie's beer keg rotisserie build!

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