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  1. I started tearing my fridge down and when I removed the inner tray to remove the fiberglass insulation I found the stuff in the picture.

    I thought it was ice (i'm in Michigan) but I aimed my torpedo heater at it for about 15 minutes and it didn't melt. Maybe it wasn't heated long enough? I was hoping to remove it easily but it is pretty solid.

    Could it be from leaking refrigerant? Any ideas on how to remove it? Is it safe to be around or should I be using some kind of protection?

  2. Here's a pic showing a better shot of where this "stuff" is.

  3. madman mike

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    It's garbage. That's all that matters. Rip it out and replace with Roxul insulation.
  4. I just ripped it all out a few hours ago! It was ice mixed with the fiberglass.
  5. We will be watching


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