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  1. I bought this to smoke on Thursday. It says it's thin-sliced brisket. Is this the same brisket that most of you smoke or is it bigger? One reason I'm confused is because someone on this forum said a brisket can cost in the hundred dollar range, but this was only $18.

    I am planning to marinade it overnight and then put on Myron Mixon's "Basic Beef Rub." I'm planning on cooking it 1 1/2 hours per pound until it reaches 195 degrees.

    Is there anything I should be on the lookout for? Any tips, suggestions, advice, concerns, etc.? Thanks in advance!

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    I cannot see the picture very well, but it looks to be a portion of the Brisket not the entire brisket and point.  How much does it weigh?  It should still smoke up like Brisket, just a bit quicker due to the size.  I assume when you say you are going to pull it at 195, you plan on wrapping it and letting it set?
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    Forgot to mention.  A small brisket weighs around 8lbs untrimmed and a large brisket weighs more than 11lbs untrimmed.  
  4. It weighs 2.23 lbs. Wrap after cooking???
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    Yep.  Wrap it up in some foil and a beach blanket, toss it in a cooler for a while.  I have never smoked one that small, typically I smoke a brisket around the 10LBS range (untrimmed) and I leave it wrapped in the cooler for around 3 hours.  I am not sure on something that small and completely trimmed out. You may want to wrap it at 160 throw it back on the smoker until it reaches 190 then wrap and throw in the cooler for maybe an hour or so.  I am not really sure, I have not smoked a brisket "piece" before.  It is a new one to me....
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    Hey Stevetheteacher!

    Yea packer's can cost quite the penny! However, I simply buy 2.5 - 3.5 pounders which cost me about 20- 25 dollars (just for my family of 3). You have the right brisket its just a small one! Don't let that fool you though, smoking that brisket for time will be dependent on the thickness not necessarily overall weight. I smoked my 2.5 pounder 3 weeks ago took me 11hrs, it was fantastic!


    Have fun!
  7. Did you marinade and/or put on a rub?
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    Yes I did.  Rubbed it with a mesquite based commercial rub and injected it with a beef broth mix (worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper, garlic, and onion powder) and let it simmer.  

    However, you don't have to.  There are a lot of posts, that suggest that you don't have to.  I personally wanted to try it.  Follow that thread I sent you, and that should help.  You have a window to pull it, if you miss it then it will dry up. 

  9. How many hours should I expect to smoke this 2.23 pound brisket? I thought it was 1 1/2 pounds per hour.
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    Ah the question that stumped me for a while.  A friend of mine on this forum told me it's done when it's done (thanks demo). Within the fire 2 hours it will climb fast internal temp to 150, but my stall was a long one. Every cut of meat is different so there is no procedure of exactly when it's done. I didn't foil but you can foil at 150 IT. At 180 IT I would give it the probe test, and keep checking every 15 mins or so. Once you stick the probe through like warm knife through butter it's done. Then wrap around in a towel, put it in cooler and let it rest for at least an hr. Check out that thread I sent you. It should help
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    I agree with Jonny G, each time you do a brisket it is likely that the time will be different.  I have had 10 pounders done in 14 hours and I have had them take close to 20 hours....  You can wrap to speed it up at the stall.

    Smoke ON!

  12. I don't mind an inexact time as I'll smoke as long as needed. I guess what I'm really asking is do I smart smoking at 7 am or 12 pm?
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    Of you start it at 7 am at 225 and just let it go. You should be fine.. and if you the temp periodically after about 5 hours and looks like ur getting tight on time just wrap it in foil with a little butter and beef broth and it will steam it's way to a perfect brisket. But like others said once it hits 170ish and within the last couple hours it could cook rather quickly..
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    I agree with Ajsmokes.  

    I smoke early to eat for either lunch or early dinner.  I'm an early bird so I sometimes smoked at 530.  If this is your first, then I would smoke early and let it go.  You'll learn a lot from smoking it just a couple of times.  Anticipating the stall, figure out if you want to foil or not, testing when its done (I'm a fan of the meat probe test), etc.  So I would start it early on this one, that way you can better gauge when to smoke your brisket moving forward.  


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