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  1. s2k9k

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    I pulled 20lbs of pork butt out of the freezer today.....what to do? what to do?................
  2. After much deliberation, I've decided to go with my personal favorite and the rest of the family will just have to deal with it. [​IMG]    Nice big pork shoulder that will be pulled with a homemade finishing sauce,  bourbon baked beans and some ABT's for snacking on.  
  3. FISH DO NOT EAT ABT's You know the[​IMG]. Mail them to me....or we will meet again[​IMG]  in the wood shed.

    Happy smoken.

  4. [​IMG]   Did you not just say this to me on another thread?  "No man candy will be mailed[​IMG] "   Don't make me go all [​IMG] on you!  Send me the Woman Candy   or the ABT's are gonna get it.   Lol Happy 4th David, we shall continue this battle via Qview after the smoking is done!
  5. she dosen't get it[​IMG]  It's man candy.............Round 3 LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!

    Happy smoken.

  6. game hens or ribs...not sure which ones yet...I have to work a half day, so I won't be around to nurse anything. Whatever I make needs to be done in about 5 - 6 hours. Might just do some apps like chicken wings and stuffed jalapenos. 
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    For me, nothing says the 4th of July like some good ribs! Previously I always had to find them already cooked, purchase and bring home. This year though, I will be a smoking them myself thanks to this new Oklahoma Joe Longhorn smoker I picked up last week! Did my first trial run of a rack of spare ribs on Saturday, and they were great.

    I picked up three racks of spare ribs today, along with a few hot dogs for some of the grand kids that might prefer, have all the ingredients, the charcoal and the hickory chunks,  and mouth is already starting to water...
  8. wes w

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    Having a family get together on the 5th.   Our youngest son will be home from the Marines before he deploys.   

    30 lbs of pulled pork.   6 chicken leg quarters.   Wings mid afternoon.  

    Haven't fired the smoker in a while.   Time to get it fired up.  

    Hope everyone has a great 4th!

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    Were doing a unseasoned Pork Lion stuffed with stuffing. Plan on slicing it down the middle - lay in the stuffing - wrap it with string - lather it with some applewood rub. Let it sit in the fridge overnight and smoke it for 2-2.5 hours @ 200.  Might even do some smoked kielbasa.
  10. smokngun

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    25lbs pork shoulder, Roller's Amish bread recipe made into rolls, baked beans, potato salad, mac & cheese, ABT's, and  Snickers Cheesecake.
  11. I'm going to SmoknGun's... he's got ABT's AND Cheesecake.  Set an extra plate. lol

    Mule, it's looking (80% worth in fact)  like my smoking may be rained out and postponed until first dry day.  [​IMG]   Round 3 is far from over tho. lol
  12. smokngun

    smokngun Smoke Blower

    Oh yea I forgot to mention Salted Caramel chocolate chip cookies also...
  13. I HATE to hear it might rain on your parade. It has never rained for more than 40 days and 40 nights. Your up high so you should be OK. I'm looking forward to round 3. I have my smoke going on now. And i will have MAN candy!

    Happy smoken my friend.

  14. I started my brisket smoke just a little bit ago. here is a link http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/144058/mules-4thish-july-brisket-with-long-qview#post_1010774  more info their.

    Here are a few pics. remember the secret is in the sauce and patience. I will be smoking on my UDS

    2/3 basket of charcoal with hickory and apple.

    1 Charcoal chimeny to get it all going.


    I don't tell everybody. But the secret is in the sauce.  Sauce is for the cook!

    More to come.

    happy smoken.

  15. Contemplating 12 butts this time in the BSR smoker.  Happy 4th!
  16. 12 butts. go big or go home.

    Happy smoken.

  17. stickyfingers

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    We had to move the 4th to the 6th due to rain projected at 80%. BUT, I'm doing 20lbs of smoked buffalo wings, baked beans, slaw, and potato salad pool side.
  18. The little lady has a craving for some Chicken and Steak Kabobs. As well as some grilled corn on the cob too
  19. I hate it that it might rain on your parade. But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta due.

    Happy smoken.


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