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  1. Need help! I started a 10.5 brisket flat at 11am then had to do some work till 9pm. When I got home I checked the IT temp and it was at 208. I pulled it immediately and its wrapped in foil. How did this cook so fast? I am afraid its going to be dry as dirt. I planned on serving it tomorrow.
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    It was on for 10 hours, and I'd guess that the chamber temp was 250ish or more.  Also, while 10.5 tells us the weight of the flat it doesn't tell us how thick it was.  That's important as thickness is what determines how long a brisket takes.

    At any rate, having an IT of 208 doesn't mean that it will be dry as some briskets have to go to an even higher IT before they are ready.    Could very well be that you might luck out and end up with a nicely cooked brisket. 
  3. The flat was about 2.5 inches thick and my smoking temp was 250.
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    Your Brisket was right on time for 250°. At  225 they usually run at 1.5 hrs/Lb. In any event the time per pound is only a guideline to " Estimate " how long it will take and not to be solely relied upon. You can easily go +/- 2 hours...JJ
  5. Thanks for the info. I cut into it and its not dry at all, I was plan on pulling it anyways so no harm done. I will add a little beef broth when I reheat.
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    Looks good ,Magnus [​IMG]
  7. Brisket turned out great and was a big hit. Using leftovers to make chili today.

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