What do you drive?

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  1. pops6927

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    ...my wife crazy!

    Had to give up driving after my 5th stroke upon both my doctors' advice.  Selling my '99 Ford Ranger to my son for $1 to keep it in the family, and will save on the insurance too.

  2. 98 TJ and 04 Grand Cheekee

    Up until a couple years ago,64 Chevy with 12 inch lift and 44 Boggers
  3. greg b

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    my 95 F150, straight 6, 265,000 and still going strong! In the background is Mrs. B.'s 06 Town and Country Touring.

    My weekend ride, (my daughter thinks its hers!)
  4. Here is my brother's latest giving mom a ride, he is always working on something and trading projects. This used to be an old mail jeep (notice the right side drive). He completely rebuilt the motor himself and got some help with the majority of the welding from a few buddies. Either way, it is our new woods buggy to cruise around in so we can see over the bushes and such.

  5. smker

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    91 jeep

  6. jarjarchef

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    No pictures of our vehicals .......

    Wife has a 2004 Ford Freestar for everyday and a 2003 e450 20+ passenger bus for her preschool

    Me I have a F150 FX4 super crew with 245k miles, reinforced rear suspension for the flush mount gooseneck hitch. Doing what I can to keep it on the road, enjoying the no truck payments :biggrin: if or when it finally reaches the end of the road looking to get basically the same thing in a F250 model.
  7. My son's newest ride

    We may trade up to a corvette or a ferrari for his second birthday.
  8. navigator

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    2012 F-350 Diesel

    2001 Ford Lightning nice days (all 20 we usually get up here)

  9. rexster314

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    2012 King Ranch Expedition 4x4


    2004 Thunderbird

  10. caseyp

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    2005 Chevy Avalanche

    Best truck!

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  11. My babies

    Daily driver 2009 Z06

    Fair weather car:  1978 Pacecar

    Latest project: 1974 Corvette

    Why so many Corvettes?...see the other thread "what was your first car to drive"  :D
  12. ;
    Ha ha ha! My first car was a 1974 Pinto wagon and my bumper sticker said "Caution-this car explodes on impact."  It was awesome, swapped in a 350 HP 351 Windsor / full manual C4 and it was fast! Left it parked at my brother in laws house for the weekend when I went fishing with some friends. Out in the country in rural British Columbia and when I got back it was gone. Never did find it and have never found another one in good enough shape to replace it with :(

    Currently drive a 1997 F150 with 86000 miles on it, 1995 Contour with 124000 miles on it to beat back and forth to work and a 1983 GMC 2500 4x4 as a hunting vehicle / toy / truly bad weather vehicle.  I've needed it to drive to work 3 times this year and only once before this winter in the last 7 years.
  13. Wife has an '08 Infiniti FX35
    I have an '02 TDI beetle ( 42 mpg diesel since I drive 30 miles one way)
    '02 Chevy Avalanche because everyone needs a truck :)
    And my toy is a 1969 GTO Judge clone with a build LSX motor ( like a new vette) forged internals with a turbo. New elec transmission and a fabricated 9" rear end. The old motor made 535hp/558tq on 8psi. This one should make about 750hp :). Ill know in a couple weeks when i put it on a dyno. It has all tubular suspension, hydro boost brakes blah blah blah blah. Here's what you really care about... Pics!

  14. sqwib

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    • 1996 K2500 Suburban 10mpg (6mpg towing)
    • 2004 Suburban 15 MPG
    • I get the best gas mileage from this, but have problems towing.
    • Many moons ago, My dad and me
    • My brother and Me
    • Now I need this.
  15. That is, hands down, the best car I've seen in this post! I know it's a clone, which in my mind means: I can drive her w/o too much worry?!! I had a '72 GTO in high school...no where as sexy as the '68-'69's :77:


    P.S. I know, tastes are subjective and distinct...this one is mine!
  16. Thanks. I agree. Best in this thread :)
    You are right. I drive this allllllll the time because its not. $100k car. It is cool, fast, power everything and has heat and AC So it's everything a man could want in a car :)
  17. cmayna

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    Our camper

    My favorite rig being a '50 Chebbie 1/2t which gets so many thumbs up from women onlookers.
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  18. So, the truck I had when I started this thread has changed a little. I was in a wreck and got another Tacoma only a year newer and a lot less chrome.

    Went from this:

    To This:

    And now to this:

  19. sqwib

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    Ahh! memories
    • Neighbors son likes driving fast in the rain.
    • Brother decided to take a turn at 50 or so and rolled into the woods..
    • Was on my way to pick up my daughter 3 at the time, her car seat was smashed, thank goodness she wasnt in the car.
  20. I have a whole yard full of rides.

    2 dodge man vans.

    89 gmc 4x4 extended cab. 

    79 Chevy blazer 4x4 12" lift 17/40/15 tires 400 small block 1 ton axles with lockers. That i have had since 1980.

    VW rail buggy 1835cc engine

    2002 ford f350 4 door 4x4 7.3 powerstroke, banks big hoss bundle, cold air intake, propane injection. gear vender over drive tranny behind the built up tranny.

    And last but not least. 1968 custom corvette, Hard top convertible. 383 stroker with lots of chrome, Nos fogger. Muncie 4 speed with hurst short throw shifter. 15.5 Hoosier tires on the rear. custom front clip


    Happy smoken.


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