What Do You Consider as Essential Tools for Smoking/Grilling?

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  1. My list includes:

    WSM and kettle(w/ automotive drip pans underneath)

    charcoal chimney

    locking tongs


    remote thermometer

    silicone hi-temp gloves

    stainless steel grill pan

    cutting/whacking device

    sauce brush


    rechargeable  LED lights and clamps(for the occasional overnight brisket and pork butt smokes)

    10 x 10 canopy(with a view [​IMG]  )

    favorite beverage

    ...last, but not least...

    a zero gravity chair

  2. oooooops... [​IMG]

    Couple of forgotten items...

    x-long, flat spatula

    grill cleaning brushes

  3. aggie94

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    Recently I was getting ready to smoke a brisket and opened up the cabinet and found a set of these sitting there.  Apparently they were given to me some time ago by my Father in law.  They are called Pigtails and they are great!  They are very sharp and are wonderful for grabbing a big piece of meat and flipping it over.  As handy as they are they don't  compare to that zero gravity chair!
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  4. noboundaries

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    SFP pretty much has it all covered.

    A second refrigerator is rising rapidly to the top of my Essential Tools list.  We have plenty of freezer space with our regular freezer and a chest freezer in the garage, but one shelf in the home refrigerator is just not enough space for me to keep smoked meat, meat to smoke, meat to cure, and bread dough, another cooking habit I've developed as a result of SMF!.   
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  5. mdboatbum

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    Anything else I can improvise. But a good thermometer is essential to getting perfect, repeatable results.
  6. Oooooooo, I want some of the hooks. Tongs can grab items only so large... [​IMG]

    My gf bought the zero gravity chair for me...  [​IMG]

    Now I need a mosquito net for the overnight smokes. Lounging in it after dark, you quickly become prime mosquito bait... [​IMG]

    Truthfully, I think she intends me to be outside more, to smoke/grill more meals or for some space... [​IMG]  
    I have a commercial kitchen for my business that has a pair of walk-in refrigerators. This gives adequate space for experiments and storage. [​IMG]

    Speaking of experiments, my ham is almost finished brining and ready for the smoker... [​IMG]

    My gf does all the baking in our household. Her latest creation is a brioche bun for char siu bao's(chinese bbq pork buns)... [​IMG]
    My Maverick does the work for me in that department... 

    Smoker temps and food temps all in one, with the added bonus of the remote module... [​IMG]
  7. noboundaries

    noboundaries Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    DOH!  A BBQ Guru DigiQ DX2.  Not essential at all for the WSM by any means, but wow, truly an essential for me now.  Turned my bullet into a truly set and forget smoker for as long as I want to smoke.  I've got 16.5 lbs of boneless shoulder in the WSM right now and I won't even look at it for about 6 hours, except to take this picture.  It has just about turned my Maverick into food temp monitor only. 

    BTW SFP, I have two more boneless shoulders in the refrigerator right now.  One will become Buckboard Bacon.  The other will become your Char Siu. 

  8. I looked at the BBQ Guru's at a dealer in San Jose a few weeks ago. The problem was, there were missing parts, no instructions or packaging.  They offered it, as is, for 10% off MSRP... [​IMG]  

    To say the least, I left without it... [​IMG]

    On the char siu:

    Save 1/4 of the char siu marinade and use it as a glaze the last 45-60 minutes of smoking.
  9. Another forgotten essential item(at least for me)... [​IMG]

    A cast iron dutch oven...

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  10. fwismoker

    fwismoker Master of the Pit

    HF propane torch and HF warming (weed burner torch)
  11. tropics

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    Benadryl Gel for when the skeeters get done with ya. [​IMG]

  12. joe black

    joe black Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    A good pair of welding gloves for handling wood.
  13. Do either of these qualify as a torch?

    I prefer a more natural repellant... [​IMG]

    An habanero a day, keeps the mosquitos away... [​IMG]  
  14. If you make your own rubs and pastes, this can come in handy... [​IMG]

    Mortar and pestle

  15. noboundaries

    noboundaries Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Half bakers sheets from Amazon for meat prep and carrying meat to the smoker.

    15" Paella pans to use as drips or for an all in one, drip and smoke.  They fit great in a 22.5" WSM with a 13.25" round cooling rack.  Make carrying the meat back and fork a breeze!

  16. Here's another tool I consider essential...

    My handy microplane for zesting...


    Makes quick work zesting any citrus... [​IMG]  
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