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  1. Little background I guess.  My mother in law said she would supply the meat if I would smoke it for Christmas lunch.  She was going to get "a" brisket and some turkey breast to put on my MES.  She show's up with the brisket and this is what I got.  What am I up against, I've only smoked a few briskets and all were the full size packers and I was getting the hang of those, now I've got these and now I don't have time to do a trial run with these before hand.  Plus, will be using my AMNPS for the first time as well.  Tracking # says it should be at the house when I get home!  I'm stoked about that.  Any help would be great!  Thanks!

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    Kind of looks like it could be a piece of brisket trimmed from a full one.  Is that discoloration above the label and to the left just in the photo, or is that what the meat looks like?  I'm not crazy about that..... 
  3. It looks like part of a flat. 2 1/2 lbs is pretty small. Just smoke like a normal brisket. Keep an eye on the temp. They won't take real long. Do you have a good digital thermometer with a meat probe?
  4. I think most of that is the lighting where I'm at, she dropped them off at the office today and they are in the fridge here at work.  It is slightly discolored, but plan on trimming that off before the rub.

  5. It almost looks as though you can see the fat layer between the flat and point, but it's very trimmed up all the way through.  I have never seen one like this so I was curious.  Yes sir I do have a digital with probe, and will be using it for sure.
  6. It could be a flat and point. Maybe they cut the flats off to make corned beef with. Who knows.
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    It's the point cut with the point removed.  The discoroation shouldn't bother anything as long as there is not an adverse smell to that part of the cut; you can just leave it on and roast it, the rest of it will catch up to the grey color, lol!  It's just lost it's "bloom" is all.
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    Don't be surprised if it takes a long time to cook. At 2 1/2 lbs you would usually estimate 5 hours, but for some reason they take longer. You can always foil them & bump the temp up if they take too long.
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    I would go with what pops said tha say that it's the flat under the point. He should know.
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    I agree probably a flat.  I smoke em all the time no probs.  Treat like any brisket.
  11. Thanks Pop's, I knew someone would've seen this before, it's just new to me I guess.

    Thanks Al, I'm going to be doing a thunder chicken at the same time, so bumping it up shouldn't be an issue when I get to going.  Looking forward to the AMNPS and this cook!

    Thanks gang, I knew I could count on ya'll!

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