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    Raccoons and squirrels are so very nasty and destructive and I hate them like anything. Today early morning it seemed like they invited themselves for the breakfast. You won't believe, the little creatures wreaked havoc my whole kitchen and feel like ewww to step in there. I have no idea where they actually hide by the time we wake up. Last day I opened the door of the kitchen and went in there and this little guy didn't even budge and I realize they're not friendly at all and you never know when they attack us. My MIL was telling me to call the humane wildlife removal expert in town - A1 Checkmate and get rid of them asap. Really?? Do I need to call the animal control for this? What do I do? Is there any tips to get rid of it without harming them? I don't wanna kill them.
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  2. Nope, no other alternatives. Gotta send a message, bennettare. ;o)

    Seriously, you can set live traps, but you'll have to drive them somewhere else to set them free: otherwise they'll be back the night after you've released them. You need to find out how they're getting in first. Animal control will likely tell you to contract with a private company to get rid of them.
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    As mentioned, you need to figure out how there getting in.

    A squirrel can squeeze through a pretty small hole. A raccoon will need a much bigger entrance.

    Live Trapping them is your only option if you don't want to kill em.
  4. joe black

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    The squirrels probably come in the small holes and then open the door to let the raccoons in.

    Seriously, there must be a pretty big opening somewhere. I'd call a professional pest removal company and get the job done right and QUICK.
  5. okie362

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    Ever watch Swamp People?

    "Choot IT Lizbeth, CHOOT it!!!"
  6. bearcarver

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    For a Raccoon to get in, there must be a pretty big place they're getting through.

    I live in a Log House, and I've had Coons in my Gas Grill, Squirrels, Chipmunks, and Mice in my garage, because we leave the garage door open all day, every day.

    However not even a mouse can get in the living quarters of my house, because while it was being built, I put fireproof caulk around every pipe and wire that goes through every wall & floor. Zoning rules said I needed it for fire reasons, but I did an extra good job of it, because I didn't want mice to get in.

  7. Good call, Bear. Now, if Honda would only subscribe to the same theory on their Pilots, I'd be in high cotton right now. Unfortunately, they don't want to admit there's a problem with critters accessing their vehicles, but if you look at the Pilot owner's blogs, there are countless instances of mice getting inside via many unsealed access points . Recently, I opened my glove box to a mess of shredded napkins and paperwork I kept there. Pulled all that out and stored it elsewhere, and no sign of anything for about a week. Mrs. Gr0uch0 and I went out for Tex-Mex one night, and brought leftovers home, placed on the back seat. Arrived home and opened the back door, saw a blur dart between the seats, and chewed Styrofoam all over the place. The little SOB bit into the container and what was left of my football-sized burrito. That's when it became personal--a lot of things you can mess with, but don't screw with my Tex-Mex! Felt like Carl Spackler after the gopher in "Caddyshack." Peanut butter on multiple traps were set in the car, and finally, jackpot on the 3rd day: dead mouse in the snap trap. Victory was mine.

    Or so I thought. Apparently there was another of the little ba$tard$ that I didn't snap, nor did he get out, because the Pilot started to reek to high heaven a couple of days later. Must've gotten some of the jalapenos, or at least I hope so. I tore the better part of the dash out, to the point where my retired neighbors next door thought I would have to send the pieces back to Japan to be reassembled. Never did find the little jackwagon,and have been trying to mask the stench for the last month. Didn't think I'd want to see the cold set in, but in this case, it can't come soon enough.
  8. i hate tree rats and raccoons i quit being nice went to 20ga.
  9. bearcarver

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    We did have a Chipmunk get into a part of the engine, and chew off some kind of Sensor (I forget the name of the sensor), in Mrs Bear's "Outlander". Figured a Chipmunk, because not enough room for squirrel, and teeth marks too big for mouse. That cost us $56 at the Dealer, because of the labor to get to the $4 part.

    You're right---One advantage we have in the North with Pests is our Cold Winters!!


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