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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by across the pond, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Got a problem with my WSM, made a big big mistake. I always use restuarant grade charcoal but I got caught short on a windy weekend and ran out on a 17 hour pork butt smoke. Very close to my house is a general hardware store that sell bags of charcoal, to cut a long story short, bought some lumpwood and stoked up the pit and finished the pork. It came out real nice but when I tasted it, it had that tang of parrafin type after taste. Gutted, what a waste. Anyway, I put it behind me and cleared all the bottom out and washed my grates to get rid of any taste, then done some more pork butt low & slow with the restuarant grade charcoal and guess what? It still smells. I only used a couple of handfuls of hickory chips but that friggin' taste is still there, maybe not as strong but......

    My question for you seasoned smokeheads is whether I should jet wash the inside and dome of the WSM to neutralize the taste or let the new smokes cover it. My smoker is 8 months old,  used weekly, ol' man what should I do? Clean or let it do it's thing?
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    NOt that it means much but my opinion if it were me I would clean it and start fresh with a new seasoning session.  I mean it has hurt you once already why risk a brisket or rack of ribs the next time you smoke.  I am a lazy person but the elbow grease you are going to put into it cost less than a 12lb brisket.

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