What did you smoke first?

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  1. My red-door, MES 30" and Slow (cold) smoker arrived this weekend, and I am wanting to start easy and build skills. What were the first few things you ran through you MES? Especially with a cold smoker...
  2. smokerjim

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    can't go wrong with some cheese
  3. naj311

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    Well, we jumped right into doing a turkey! My hubby smoked it first and then deep fried it. We also did a small turkey w/stuffing in the oven ( in case the smoked & deep fried did not taste rt). There was not much left on the sm/do fried. Delish!:grilling_smilie::icon_cool:
  4. First item I smoked was two pork butts for some good pulled pork, then I did some bacon.
  5. Well, I seasoned it last night, then ran a couple of pounds of cheddar for a few hours for its "shakedown" smoke. Here is my cold smoke set up. Temp inside was 50 degrees. 40 degrees outside.

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  6. I made summer sausage, watch your temp, i had the temp set too high, and all the fat came out, and laid under the casing.
  7. zignot5

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    I got a MES 40 for xmas. We just finished eating my first batch of chicken drumsticks.
    Marinated in dry rub 5 hrs. Then cooked at 235F for 2 hrs until they hit 165F. I got my temps & time by reading this forum. Great advice on here!
    I was very happy the with the results.
  8. I smoked two full spare ribs, in the last two hours I added a shank end ham.  I figured heating the ham in the smoker instead of the oven would give us more of that smoky goodness. 

    They were awesome!

  9. The first meat I smoked in. My Masterbuilt was four chicken halves. Three hours seemed a little too long, but the meat was fabulous. Really came
    out good.
  10. smokey tex

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    The first thing I ever smoked was a sirloin steak.  I didn't fully cook it on the smoker, but left it on for about 30 minutes to add some (apple wood) smoke flavor before grilling.  It actually turned out great.  The first item fully smoked was a brisket.  Somebody bought it for me to smoke for a birthday party.  Unfortunately, they bought one that was completely trimmed with no fat layer whatsoever.  After letting it cook for hours on the smoker, I threw it in the crock pot for several hours for fear that it would be dry and tough.  It turned out OK, but not great.  More like a smoked roast.  That was the last time I ever used the crock pot with anything smoked.

    Next, I smoked some beef ribs, which actually turned out great. 
  11. First thing smoked was baby back ribs. Turned out fantastic!
  12. tjdcorona

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    Beef Ribs - ruined 2x in a row !
  13. onawaiowa

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    Pulled pork (Boston Butt) turned out great thanks to this website.

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