what did I get myself into?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jeoberg, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. jeoberg

    jeoberg Smoke Blower

    With my smoker, I've done shoulders and butts, chicken, ribs, and a couple of other odds and ends. .I find that I can't order any BBQ at local restaurants. They don't do it right. I need to travel more than a few hours just to find some real smoke flavor. I've been spoiling myself. Well, I guess it's time to smoke some more. I need some smoke flavor.
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  2. Great plan - I can't think of a better way to handle the situation than that!  [​IMG]
  3. Welcome to my world...and a bunch of other foks I would imagine. We live in the northwest suburbs of Austin, Texas and there is a profusion of BBQ joints here...some that we used to enjoy going to. Not so much any more though. It started with the basic BB fare, being brisket, ribs, and pulled pork. As my skill level with the smoker has increasd so has my array of smoked foods. I am now doing pretty much everything short of pancakes on the smoker and we can't fathom the thought of going out to eat any more regardless of what we are in the mood for because we know it just won't be the same as what we eat at home. Oh well, being spoiled isn't such a bad thing :)

    Smoking in Central Texas,
  4. so ms smoker

    so ms smoker Master of the Pit Group Lead OTBS Member

      You don't smoke your pancakes?? HAHA I'm sure someone does. Once you learn to Q at home, 'store bought ' just ain't the same. Producing for the masses causes you to cut corners that you will not do at home. Not to say that BBQ restaurants are bad, but, now you are looking at quantity over quality. Find a quality 'joint' and revel in the knowledge that yours is better!
  5. humdinger

    humdinger Master of the Pit Group Lead OTBS Member

    I've smoked maple syrup before and used it on my pancakes! I think that counts!
  6. pgsmoker64

    pgsmoker64 Master of the Pit Group Lead OTBS Member

    Yep, once you start making your own ain't nuthin worth buyin in the restaurants.

    Although, I did find this one place in St. Joseph, MO that had fantastic pork butt and brisket!  Some of the best brisket I have ever had and you could really taste the smoke.  Place was called Bandana's...really good.

  7. It is all a matter of taste. BBQ joints cook the way they cook. Most likely it is not going to be just right to your taste. But it should still be pretty good. I prefer my own. I have taken the time to learn to cook it the way I like it. Or maybe I have learned to like it the way I cook it[​IMG]. Then the BBQ joint doesn't send me home with lots of left overs.

    Happy smoken.

  8. kathrynn

    kathrynn Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Good for you!  Now you have arrived!  We all feel the same way!

    I have gotten very picky about where we go here.  Just haven't gotten that bruinswick stew down yet.  Will get that one this winter tho!

  9. tamathumper

    tamathumper Newbie

    Around here, we seem to get more "sauce" than "smoke" at the BBQ places.

    But even though I like mine better, I do still enjoy Dinosaur BBQ, they've got some good "restaurant-quality" BBQ for these parts, and it doesn't take any work on my part.
  10. tonybel

    tonybel Smoking Fanatic

    Now that I bbq and grill more I feel the same way. I rather eat my bbq than eat liquid smoke meat.
  11. jeoberg

    jeoberg Smoke Blower

    If I want BBQ, with real smoke and not drowning in sauce, I have to make my own.  I cannot get real BBQ anywhere near here. Burger King pulled pork is about as close as it gets. [​IMG]   That kind of makes mine wonderful by default. 

    To be completely honest,  I really don't know of any BBQ restaurants in my area.  Some say BBQ, but that usually means they have a gas powered grill. A gas grill and liquid smoke just doesn't work.   If anyone knows of a GOOD BBQ place in the Toledo, OH or Fort Wayne IN area, I would love to know about them.  Don't get me wrong, I like smoking, but sometimes I just want something easy.  Last really good place I was in was in Southern Georgia, just off I-95.  I wish I could remember the name or exit number.  
  12. humdinger

    humdinger Master of the Pit Group Lead OTBS Member

    OldschoolBBQ lives near Toledo, maybe check with him. Also if you want to make the drive up to Jackson, MI, I hear nothing but rave reviews about West Texas BBQ on Brooklyn Road. Might not be too far from you? [​IMG]
  13. jeoberg

    jeoberg Smoke Blower

    Humdinger, Jackson isn't too far, I just never go that direction.
  14. I couldn't agree more!   Fall-off-the-bone ribs just suck!  Ribs are supposed to be chewy, but not tough!
  15. I couldn't agree more, I live in west texas ( soon to be west louisiana after the military) and i cant find nothing thats worth calling good. They have rudys and famous daves, which is basically like mcdonalds of smoking to me. If i was to find something that better than homemade Q , usually its some guy on the side of the road who just smoked some meat fresh....something about the big chains that ruins the Q for me.
  16. smokeusum

    smokeusum Smoking Fanatic

    I think I've smoked everything in the fridge at least once!!! I'll be smoking a big ole pork booty tomorrow!!! Yummy!!! It'll be porkgasmic!!
  17. Bet y'all can't do a Chuy's Elvis green chile fried chicken on there!!!!   Just sayin, there's always somewhere to eat out!
  18. Try living in france, they just dont BBQ or smoke here. Sure the food is good but dude, when you need smoke, you just have to do it yourself!

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