What did I do wrong with timing this Brisket

Discussion in 'Beef' started by oconeeal, Jul 4, 2014.

  1. oconeeal

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    I got a full brisket 14.85lb trim off the fat and planed on cooking it for 14 hours or longer.  I put my rub on it 24 hours before going on the smoker and just before I put on the smoker ejected it with beef broth. I had the smoker set up at be around 225.  I have two ET-732 and used both.  After 4 hours I put the meat thermometer in and one read 162 while the other read 167 both of the grill thermometer was with reading about the same 225.  After 8 hour the meat was at 185.  I had the thermometer set to go off if the grill when over 250 or below 200 and they did not go off,  The meat turn out good but got done way too fast. 
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    Just goes to prove you can't smoke based on time.  That's pretty fast for a packer that size but that's when that cut of meat wanted to get done. It seems injected meats tend to cook a little faster than uninjected ones, but still.  Did you take it off at 185 or let it climb to 195 to 205?  If you let it climb, how long did it take to reach your final temp. 

    Oh, and was it a frozen, then thawed brisket?  Or fresh? 
  3. oconeeal

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    It stayed on about two more hours till it was easy with a toothpick  It came out good but wanted it to be ready today mid afternoon.  
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    With a brisket the rest is as important as the cook. When it comes to correct IT it needs to be wrapped tightly in foil with a little liquid, wrap that in a towel or blanket, and drop in a cooler for an hour....two is better. Magic things happen in that wrap.
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    Most of the timing you see posted is based on 1/4 to 1/2 inch Fat Cap. Fat is an insulator, so trimmed completely, it will go faster. Even at 14+ Lbs it may have been a bit long and wide, yet somewhat thinner than most Packers. Lastly, sometimes they just go quick. Way better than expecting 15 hours and it goes 25!...JJ

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