what cut of beef?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by eichhoma, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. eichhoma

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    Hello everyone,

    Im getting burnt out on doing briskets all the time...  what is the cut of beef that bandanas uses for their beef plate?  anyone know?

    Thats not too bad but would be better if I made it....  [​IMG]  just not sure what it is...  I dont think it is actually a brisket flat or point...

    What else is good??  all I ever do is pork butts, briskets, chickens and fatties...  done a couple chucks, they were ok... 

    I really enjoy doing pastramis.... but need a new cut to try out. preferably beef - any suggestions welcome!  Thanks!
  2. Since the brisket is about the worst cut on a cow anything else would be good. Chuckies, tri-tips, beef ribs. Shoulder roast, sirloins, bottom round, top round, etc.
  3. eichhoma

    eichhoma Fire Starter

    thanks for the reply alelover, I wouldnt mind trying a tri-tip, shoulder roast, or a round or something like that...

    when I do a brisket, I smoke to 165, foil it up and take it 208*....

    what should I do differently with one of those other cuts to avoid it drying out?

  4. Only take them to about 135 - 145ºF. Depending on how you like it rare wise. Use the search bar up top and search for some of these cuts and you'll find a lot of different ways people have prepared them.
  5. coacher72

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    I would recommend for something different the tri-tip roast if you can find them. These are usually smoked to an internal temp of around 135 (medium rare). Or a higher temp if you like your meat more well done. This cut seems to stay pretty moist and is very good. Everytime I see them on sale I pick a couple up.
  6. eichhoma

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    Thanks coacher...  I will try and find a couple...  I like it a little on the rare side...  I assume after pulling it from that temp, its good to wrap in towels and let rest in a cooler for a while?  no extended foil timeo nthe smoker like i do with a brisket?

  7. coacher72

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    Yes, That's all I do is let it rest for awhile so that the juices redistribute and not run all out when you cut it. Make sure you cut against the grain. The grain looks much like what you see on a brisket but it is much more tender. I just us Montreal Steak seasoning a a rub. I think you'll enjoy this cut of meat. 
  8. smokin vegas

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    Tri tip is wonderful it has a cap of fat on it that prevents it from drying out.  I smoke it in a a baking dish as I do all my meat and that seems to keep everything I smoke moister plus you keep all the flavor and dripping to based with.  Hubby calls it pot licker.  Try some new seasonings for a change.  I like to use smoking spices and sometimes I do the beef like I would a pot roast mix a little red wine (1/2 cup) with one envelope of lipton onion soup and seasonings. Brush/rub  on and smoke.

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