What can you tell me about Greasy Hill Custom smokers?

Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by berger, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. I'm still trying to find out what's up with several places building similar designs? I'm thinking it must be a shop class project or something???
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    I'm confused as to why people want to tell the OP about other smokers when he asked specifically about Greasy Hill Customs... "I'm Sooooooo Confused" (head between hands)
  3. crazyq

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    maybe he's not aware of better pits out there or ones to look out for so they are just giving advice? i don't see the issue with that? if the OP doesn't care about others then he/she can just over look that post and move on. 

    no biggie 
  4. Confused, I'll make it clear, they are crap and people are trying to steer him away while still being politically correct and not offending anyone that has bought one.
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  6. I can't say they are bad smokers. They are not the "name brand" smokers but I had and "off brand" and produced hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds of great cue last spring, summer, and fall.

    I'm interested in hearing the OP opinion of the build quality compared to a Lang since he has owned both. I encourage him to get out and learn his new pit. He made a sizable investment, I hope it works out for the best.
  7. crazyq

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    Oh im sure itll heat up to 225/300 depending on cooking styles but the question isnt about cooking its about quality. Looking at the pics of the pits on their website they lack in the quality department. Anytime a trailer pit can made over the weekend and cost of materials and labor and profit comes to $1250 there is a lack of quality there.

    Im not saying take it back or that its junk or that it wont cook or anything like that. Just saying thats why we tend to "advise" people on pits when they ask for advice.

    I looked at lang before deciding ti build and theres a lot of things quality wise i dont like about the lang too. I hear they cook great and people that have em love em but i could point out a bunch of quality concerns i have about them and thats why i didnt buy from them.

    Like you id like to see some good pics of it and hear from the OP his opinion on the quality and cooking of it. I hope its great cause then its a good source for that budget cooker that cant afford a big brand name cooker.
  8. Hey guys I ended up going with Custompits and fabrications spoke with the owners and they are building it the way I want seem really good the y have a website and also have some YouTube videos have 2 locations Georgia and Virginia I naturally went with Va cause it's a lot closer I am also going down there to visit the factory and watch some of the build thank you for all the help can't wIt to get this thing and start smoking said 3-4 weeks thanks again
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    Congrats on your new pit, that wait is going to seem like forever, but I'm sure it will be worth it.
  10. winwhiskey

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    I have been building my own for the past year and I am ready to throw in the towel, I found the Greasy Hill also and another about the same price but the cost to ship to new England is a deal breaker, I would love to contact your person in Delaware if you can share an email or web site
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    Looking for some advice fellas. I am an amateur smoker, have borrowed a few friends rigs and decided it was time to get my own. Am not looking to produce for competition or commercially, but with that being said I want to produce quality Q. I have been researching for a while, and it seemed that Greasy Hill was a good value. I know that Lang's are well know and have used one. Saw meadow creek and those looked extremely well made, but way out of my price range. 

    My question is: are these really so low quality that it is not even worth buying? I actually called and put an order in on a 401 model ($2100) yesterday before I found this stream. That includes a charcoal griller and rib box. I felt that was a good price for all of that, but if the temperature regulation isnt consistent or it is hard to get temp, its not worth it anyways. I am being a little hypocritical here, because I typically believe you get what you pay for but I am opting for the lower on the market now. But, Like I said, I'm an amateur and will only be using it a few times a year for cookouts/tailgates etc. 
  12. I personally wouldn't buy something that has reviews as bad as these smokers do.

    Not sure what part of TN you are in (I am assuming here because of your screen name) but check out Top Shot BBQ here on SMF.  I think you'll be better off in the long run.
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    Hey Fellas,

    I just a deposit down on the model 400 and I`m picking it up on May 17th. For the price of $2200, I really can`t go wrong. I could sell that thing up here in Michigan for what I paid for it with no problem. I`ll post pics once I get it and I`ll give ya`s my review.
  14. winwhiskey

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    just an update after reviewing all the specifications and 100 or so different posts I contacted Bubba Grills, Lonnie couldn't have been more helpful and he delivered it to New England that same week, still haven't had a chance to use it though 
  15. I went with Custompits and fabrication out of virginia really well built using it now for 3 months great
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    I love how people have advice or comments about a smoker they have never cooked on or probably never seen in person. I have the hbt 400 which is the same as the greasy hill model. They share the same building in section Alabama. I went there and picked mine up over a month ago and have had no problems at all with it.
    I believe you get what you pay for and for the money you can't beat this rig. I talk to a guy in Indiana that had a greasy hill rig and he loves his also. If you are a real cooker you can turn out good food in a cheaper rig without spending big money.
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  17. Glad you got your rig and it's working out for you. I took delivery of my new pit two weeks ago.
  18. hughes

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    just got one and it sucks
  19. Tell us more. What are the issues? Have you contacted the maker? Maybe some of the folks here who have a similar smoker can assist you
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    post a pic of your rig and explain the problems. I would venture to say this is a false post. There is another thread on here talking about the poor construction of Lang's but people will continue to think they are top of the line smokers. I've never owned a Lang but I'm sure the people that do even with the problems still turn it awesome Q. I read the bad reviews on greasy hill and almost let them change my mind. I'm so glad I didn't. Yes there are some leaks but almost every smoker has some and they are easily fixed which I haven't even done because it doesn't affect my cooking. If you know how to cook and know how to work the vents then it doesn't matter what kind of rig you have you can turn out good food.

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