what brand of burner do you use? help a newbie

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  1. hello everyone . new to the whole smoking world. i have decided to try and build a filing cabinet smoker. i used to cook pro cook for 13 yrs. and i hate electric burners!! you can not truly control the heat . and i just don't like that. at least with propane you have the controllable flame. and since this is my first build, i am wanting to know what everyone is using ? maybe even a suggestion as to a burner. i am looking into a dual burner, if at all possible. i saw some cool older cast iron burners on e-bay. again thanks for input and suggestions
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    I just recently built a plywood smokehouse and this is the burner I used from Northern Tool:


    You have 3 different burners in one:

    1st: left side outer ring
    2nd: center ring
    3rd: right side outer ring

    Plus I added a needle valve:

    so I can adjust the entire burner up or down too. I can get it to hold at most any temp I want it to from 150° to 290° with these different options. Here's the link to my smokehouse build:


    Hope this helps!
  3. I'm using a C-BURNER,,,,,from www.gassmoker.com .if you call they will walk you through the whole thing and are very informative...Very prompt shipping and mine works great......so far Im really impressed......JACK
  4. thanks for the reply and i am thinking of using either one of the burners in my next project...

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