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    Thanks for the tips. I'll try to find a rack here local before Mondays smoke.
  2. well this will be my second time using the smoker and let me start by saying thanks to all of you who have answered my many questions

    I will be smoking a brisket (my wife is marinading it in Teryaki marinade) she like teryaki

    then we have a boston butt for pulled pork

    2 racks of spare ribs

    thought I would try a few abts to see how they go over did not want to do to many since I dont have a brady rack yet

    that is about it for the smoker

    but the grill will get used as well

    a few steaks some Brauts, kielbasas, hotdogs maybe burgers not sure on the burgers yet

    So I will be up before the rooster sunday getting the boston butt and brisket started

    I will post pics as soon as I can ---  gonna have a bunch of grandkids to keep track of

    hope it goes well  gonna be about 20 family members last count.

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    Well I got the butt on 1 1/2 hr ago the smoker is at around 260° had a few spikes though think I have it under control. Tried to add some q-view but puter was not happy this morning. I rubbed butt with some Arizona Heat mustard then some Slap Your Momma for the rub.
  4. Tusconbbq....Here in lower alabama you can find rib racks just about anywhere. Lowes,Homdepot,sears,..even walmart has them out now this time of year with all their weber cooking supplies. It's a life saver if your doing lots of ribs.
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    Just some random beef!

  6. Yesterday, it was ABT's and Moinks. Today, we have not decided. Tomorrow, Ribs.

    ABT's and Moinks prepared to meet the Yoder.

    Finished product nice and crispy.

    Plated and served for dinner.

    Very tasty dinner. How can you go wrong when you add bacon to anything.

    With kind regards,

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    Ribs and mac 'n' cheese on Saturday.

    More to come. Flank steak (for carne asada), quarter pound hot dogs, and ABT's for Sunday. Breakfast fattie, buffalo burgers, and pork butt for Monday.
  8. Ed it is not possible to go wrong with bacon.

    Happy smoken.

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    Did a brisket yesterday. Today I will be taking it easy with smoked chicken wings and reverse sear burgers.

    Best of luck to everyone with their q!
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    Well, it's Memorial Day weekend and we’re having our annual “Race Day – All Day” party though although purposefully scaled back a bit this year, 12-15 guests at the max. Started a couple 7 lb. pork butts for pulled pork last night around 11:00 and they’re now finishing in the oven. I now have 5 racks of baby backs cut in thirds in the smoker. My wife and the guests are doing the sides, desserts, drinks, etc. Trying to keep portion of the action simple and easy.

    I watched and taped the F1 race at Monaco a little earlier this morning and the Indy 500 is coming up shortly when most the first of the guests will start arriving. I'll run the Monaco race that I taped simultaneously with Indy on a separate screen. Then, there's the NASCAR at Charlotte coming up a little later today.

    Hope everyone enjoys the weekend.
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    sorry, didn't mean to attach a download. pic below.
  14. timberjet

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    yep, that is where I got the idea last superbowl. I put a picture on the next page. worked wonderfully well.
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    Two beef ribs on the top plus a small one that they slipped in the package on the bottom rack.  Two chuck roasts in the middle. One marinaded in Italian dressing (per the Mrs.) and one rubbed with worcestershire  and prime rib seasoning.  Going to add 8 cornish hens later that have been brining since this morning.  Mixture of bourbon barrel and oak in the AMNTS.

    Tmrw it's on to Scarbelly wings for the family and friends!
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    Gotta work Monday, so I'm smoking for the celebration since 1:45 pm yesterday.

    Picnic Shoulder (11.1lb)...wet-to-dry smoke chamber, no-foil...20 hours into the smoke @ 164* here:

    It will rest on an elevated rack with a towel to cover (instead of foiling) it so it can breathe to preserve the incredible bark it will have.

    If you wanna see all the gory details:


    Have a GREAT, smokey memorial Day weekend, EVERYONE!

    BTW, GREAT looking meals everyone is putting together...way to keep the craft alive and well! Awesome job, everyone!

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  17. It's been extremely windy here in north central MD. Unusually cold, too: had to use the pellet stove to get the chill out of the house yesterday and this morning. Getting warmer now, but still windy.

    Used the kettle grill the last two days, and finally got the WSM out today. Being so windy, I'm playing it safe: chicken leg quarters.

    You guys on the West Coast with your Tri-Tips...making me envious! You can't find them here. I even tried my local butcher: they said that they don't cut the meat that way (to yield tri-tips, that is). The only place I know of is a farm near my sister's house, almost three hours away from me, well north of Harrisburg, PA. They're marinated and in sealed bags...a bit salty, but they are good!

    Gotta give a shout-out to all our military heroes. My deepest sympathies to the families that lost loved ones (unfortuantely, I know a few of them). And don't forget the heroes, and those that support them, that came back not as they left.
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    My son's in the Navy so I'm a little bummed he won't be here but he's coming home on leave in a couple weeks so that'll be awesome.

    Got some family and friends coming over tomorrow so ive got a couple racks of spare ribs sittin in sum rub in the fridge. Also going to do some herb & garlic chicken legs and a London broil on the grill.
  19. The chicken cooked much quicker than expected. The pit was running around 230-235: not that hot for chicken quarters. IT was around 167...checked a few pieces to see if I happened to get a "hot" one, but they were all about the same. I should have started them later!

    Anyway, here's a picture...

    Half the family isn't even home yet. I've got it covered in foil, and will probably crisp it up a little when they get home.
  20. I am doing St Louis style spare ribs (posted pics in my "Why wait for Memorial Day..." thread). Using a couple of recipes from Jeff's book, the Big Bald Rub and the Memphis BBQ Sauce #1 because no one seems to complain about that combo. I am not foiling or saucing the ribs.  Beautiful May day here in Cardiff.
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