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  1. dirtsailor2003

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    Ohhhhh, I have a pack of wings in the freezer! I love injected Scarbelly wings!
  2. pastorgadget

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    Did ribs and chicken today 

    Smoking Pork Shoulder on Memorial Day 
  3. that looks great.

    happy smoken.

  4. oldschoolbbq

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    Gotta see what the folk bring in... so far 3 BB's , Son will probally bring something and maybe Trish will front me a Butt or something [​IMG]  , get out the gutter , I mean to eat/cook.[​IMG]

    So have fun and as always . . .
  5. 2nd smoke

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    Smoking  brisket and pork butt for Sunday. Got them ready this morning.
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  6. I will be doing a slab of pork spares on Sunday  they are in the fridge now rubbed and waiting, Monday I will be putting some smoke on 2- 1 lb top Sirloins and then fire them to med, and some bacon wrapped asparagus smoked. I will post Q pics as I cook them. Everyone have a safe fun and thoughtful Memorial Day weekend. Keep on smoking!

    After 24 hours rubbed and wrapped in fridge

    After 1 hour spritz apple cider, smoking on  apple pellets

    After  2 hours spritz apple cider

    After 3 hours, foil a little apple cider in bottom, pat brown sugar on and put a honey drizzle on seal. On for 2 more hours, then naked to finish. I will add pics of finished.

    All Done.
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  7. I would like to thank all vets for me the opportunity to smoke and relax on this Memorial Day.   I would especially want to thank my father who served during World War II in the Battle of the Bulge.  This weekend I am having my parents  over for Brisquet.   This is the first one that I am attempting to smoke.  I just purchased a Masterbuilt Eletric smoker.  What a great purchase.  So far I have done fantastic pulled pork.  Kielbasa that turned the prettiest shade of red.  Beef jerky that the kids devoured.  I made some great smoked pork and beans cover with bacon.  Any suggestions for the brisquet.  I am going to use a rub.  Brown sugar or no brown sugar.  Should I dry smoke it use a little water for moisture.  How long do I smoke it and what temperature.
  8. 225 to 240 deg if it has a sugar based rub. i have sand in my water pan. figure 1.5 to 2 hours per pound..

    happy smoken.

  9. foamheart

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    Well I didn't find a Ribeye roast like I wanted, I really want a sandwich after Kat showed those peppers and onions! I will find a roast!

    I did find a brisket and a bag of chicken hind quarters. One for the smoker and a bunch for the grill. I am hoping I can get that brisket in the MES30, I am affraid I am going to be disappointed in its ability to smoke briskets. But we'll see. I guess I can always break out the old stick burner if necessary but really wanted to try the MES.

    Recieved my A-MAZ-N order yesterday and hoping to try it out. You think a weedeater will light it or do I have to string the hoses for the acetylene torch......LOL

    So its grilled chickens and smoked brisket (one way or another).
  10. hey Foamheart

    the MES will do a great jod. on the AMNPS or tube. make sure you have it burning real well before you put it in. remove the chip burner. the keep the chip loader pulled out.

    remember to post pics.

    Happy smoken.

  11. hambone1950

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    We're going real low key this year. Chicken wings and hot dogs....I think I'll inject some franks red hot in a few of the wings.....been DYIN to try that.
    God bless us all this Memorial Day weekend and god bless this great country. :yahoo:
  12. foamheart

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    I wish I could, I don't own a camera. I don't own a cell phone, no beeper, no answering machines, the only high tech I have is the computer. I have had 'em all. When I retired the last time, I turned 'em all off, gave 'em away, or threw 'em away. If you call me and I am not here or in the little boys room you'll call back if its important. If you don't I probably didn't need to hear it anyway. When I was working I had to use them even though I thought it was silly, but retired who is that important?

    Someday I may get a camera just for pictures here.
  13. charcoal junkie

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    Just got done preping a 6.6 lb pork butt for tomorrow. I have some strip steaks out for tonight and some chicken legs for tomorrow. Thinking about putting the pork on the WSM do the legs and steak on the Performer. Also plan on doing brats and burgers tomorrow and the next day. We made up about 10 lbs of Mac salad might try some smoked Mac n cheese this weekend. There is turkey breast and sirloin tip steak on sale starting tomorrow so who knows might pick up that to cook too.:grilling_smilie::sausage::usa:
  14. Smoked a beer can chick and a couple pepperoni and mozzarella cheese fatties![​IMG]





  15. I want that fatties recipe! YUM!!:sausage:
  16. tucsonbbq

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    Can anyone help me with my question. I have a treager smoker ( the medium size one ) I can only fit 2 racks of st Louise ribs on at a time. I plan on using Jeff's recipe with rub and sauce and using the 321 method. Any ideas for cooking 4 racks of ribs and having them all ready for dinner time or how to keep the 1st batch fresh while second is cooking?
  17. Planning on doin just a ill bit o cookin starting early Sunday mornin!
    2 racks of St. Louis spares, 2 reverse seared London broils, chicken pieces, and a 9 lb butt!
  18. Tucson you need a rib rack they work wonders when it comes to space saving
  19. raymo76

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    I'm having roughly 20 guests come over and I'm going to cook up 6 racks of baby backs, 20 chicken thigh quarters, some barbecue baked beans w/brisket trimmings, a spicy corn and green been salad the wife makes, some of my garlic cheese bread and some spicy smoked wings. Gonna feed these people good! No pictures yet, since I'm not cooking till tomorrow. Hope everyone has a great weekend!
  20. raymo76

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    As already suggested you can use a rib rack, I don't know if you'll have time to get one before you cook. I know I've seen Weber rib racks for sale at Sears so they shouldn't be a special order item, for you, hopefully. I remember I think it was Chef Paul Kirk who suggested rolling them, I forgot what he said to use to secure them so they don't unroll. Google search for rolled ribs: http://www.google.com/search?q=roll...yIoeYiAK24oCYCg&ved=0CDkQsAQ&biw=1216&bih=684
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