What are you paying for pork belly now?????

Discussion in 'Pork' started by fire in the hole, Apr 15, 2015.

  1. I just bought 2 pork bellies and they cost me $5.00 per pound..........and I think I got ripped. What do you pay in your area????
  2. noboundaries

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    The only place I know of that sells PBs in my area is an overpriced butcher shop that charges more than double for any cut of meat I can buy at the grocer or Costco.  I wanted to start curing PB's but knowing they were my only option I started curing loins instead, which I can still find for $1.59 to $2.49/lb at several places.    

    Now I'm curious what they charge for PBs.  I may stop in there on the way home from work today or tomorrow just to see what they're charging. 
  3. I get bellies from a food supplier (sysco) last quote was $2.29. Farmland brand, 40# box four to a box. Last I got was kinda thin. I also get some from our local Mexican store. They are better but cost a bit more. Good thing is I can buy just what I need not the whole box. I will be checking with them today. If you know someone in the food business get them to check with there supplier for you. Just my thoughts. CF
  4. tropics

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    Store in my area $3.99 lb.
  5. inkjunkie

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    Got one in February, $2.25 a pound,rind on frozen
  6. ak1

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    around $2.50 per pound CDN. Fresh, skin on. That's around 2 bucks US.
  7. chewmeister

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    Last one I bought was at $3.78/lb skin off. That sucker was huge and weighed 19lbs.
  8. stickyfingers

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    I called a local butcher today inquired about a price....$2.99 per lbs.
  9. Yup!!!! I think I got ripped. I had heard pork was going up in price, so I thought ok, go for it. We only have one butcher shop in our town, but I will be checking other towns around here.

    Thanks for the feed back.
  10. I called everywhere around Tyler, I found 2 places, the one here in Tyler has to order them in and are over Five Bucks a pound, The other place in Longview usually keeps them in stock but are five bucks a pound. I asked the butcher at our local grocery store, he said they use to get in a few but were such slow sellers they quit carrying them.  Hard to $5.00 a lb  when you can get thick sliced bacon for $9.00 for 3 lbs.

    I like my bacon better so if I could get bellies for around $3.00 a LB. I would by curing all the time.

  11. This post caught my attention, as I plan to cook a PBin my La Caja China, as well as try to cure and smoke one. The only place I've seen them in Terre Haute was in our Asian market. I'm going to stop by there tomorrow and check price. 
  12. I called  over to the meat market in Longview today  $4.99  lb.
  13. tropics

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    Gary at 99 cents a lb. Pork butts look like the best way to go. Going to give the BBB a shot soon.
  14. waterinholebrew

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    Last I checked, bellies were upwards of $6/lb here ! :icon_eek: No thanks, at that price I'll do BBB... Fam likes BBB a lot anyway !
  15. inkjunkie

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    Same here, the Boss and I like BBB as well.
  16. xray

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    I picked up a butt today for $1.49 lb. at my local Wegmans.
  17. foamheart

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    I bought 3 bellies today for 2.65/lb., Its gonna be tuff smoking bacon now but gonna try to make bacon outta two and cracklins outta one. I told the guy at the butcher shop what I was doing, he said save some money and buy Crackin Meat for 1.50. Kewl! What cracklin meat? Its the skin the cut off the pig....... LOL

    Gonna try crackling here pretty quick. I had an old man tell me they used to make cracklins out of cured bellies also.... Now that sounds tempting.  Can you imafgine bacon Cracklins? ZOMG shoot me and put me down before I explode!

    BTW not meaning to hijack but..... ya'll see all the snow in Utah and Wyoming yesterday and today?
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