what are all the crispy skin tricks

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by tc fish bum, Jan 12, 2014.

  1. tc fish bum

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    its been done to death i know but a friend of mine and i got to talking about all the crispy skin tricks there are and i thought it would be kinda kool to see what everyone else does. so here it is: would you share your funky,old school. gastro science, what the hey,  or just regular old poultry skin tricks on this thread. be kinda fun to see.
  2. fwismoker

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    High heat...say over 350


    and this is my favorite.  

    I've used this torch from HF ...same one used to light my chimney  to give it a quick blast to crisp it up. 
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  3. dirtsailor2003

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    Dry the skin before cooking. Run the smoker at 325+. Or direct grill after slow smoking.
  4. tc fish bum

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    one of my go to is to brine, smoke to perfection, then when its done drop it in the fryer for about 1 or 2 min. kids call it dads chicken bacon. try it with chic. pcs it turns out insane good
  5. sqwib

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  6. oldschoolbbq

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    Well , a well dried skin ( outer and inner surfaces ) and an overnight rest in the 'fridge is a good start . . . and you could get as intricate in your method as you want , but in general , the drier the better and cooked at temps. greater than 300*F . Some folks here use Butter and oils to help. ME , I cook at 300*F and place on a grill to get the skin crispy. Direct heat , scortch that Skin. . . :)-
  7. dcarch

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    A very difficult thing to achieve. If you look at all the cooking shows on TV and on youtube, you will find that even famous chefs can't tell the difference between browned skin and crispy skin.

    For some reason, the definition of "crispy skin" is very elastic when it comes to chickens, ducks and turkeys.

    Go order a Peking duck in a Chinese restaurant and that is what I called crispy skin.

    There are videos on how they do it.

    This is one way to make crispy chicken skin.


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  8. tc fish bum

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    wow thanks for that one, did you se how long they hung that bird!!!!!!!! i know a few guys that hang game birds, i never have . guess im gonna have to try that on my next pat hunt.
  9. tc fish bum

    tc fish bum Meat Mopper

    generally cook at temp (of your choice) then hit it with high heat( of your choice) at end to crisp outside is what we all do more or less. are there any food science guys out there that have something different/interesting you do ? 170 for three hours to an internal of 140 something? threw me for a loop. 560 must have brought  up  remainder. still i must say i have never seen that.

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