What am I missing about Masterbuilt 30" electric remote control smoker?

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  1. I have read all the negative stuff posted about this smoker not working in colder weather because it will not keep up to temperature.  So I attempted to make a rube goldburg solution.  After much consideration and research on the melting temperature of the space blankets you buy for 10 for 6.95 on ebay, I used heat duct aluminum tape and taped the space blanket material over the window. and all sides excepting where the vent is.  I did each side and the top as separate pieces.

    I started the smoker at 12:15 today and it is around 15F on my back porch.  I have a cold smoker attachment and I filled it with wood chips.  It got to 250 in fifteen minutes.  I turned the cold smoker on and put in a 5 lb. chicken and a rack of ribs  The smoking is going beautifully and the unit is maintaining temperature very well.  Chicken up to 141 internal temp at 2:45 and ribs looking beautiful redish smoked look.  Using beer in the water tray and using apple and cherry to smoke.  Plan on smoking another two to three hours. Only my third time using this unit but so far it is a wonderful experience.  Remote is great on a day like today.  I can check it from a warm room.  However, since I am new to this unit I go out often and check things and I am freezing my butt off!!  But the chicken and ribs look wonderful !!  Last ribs I made in warmer weather were awesome.  My wife loved them and she is not crazy about smoked food.  Maybe Masterbuilt has improved their insulation and I would not have had to heat blanket insulate it.
  2. I see your new. When you get a chance will you drop by roll call so everyone can give you a proper SMF welcome. I also see that you have posted this question already one today. It is best to only start one thread about the same subject.

    Happy smoken.

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    It's been in the 30s here to the low 20s at night. It also snowed one day and it's still hanging around 4 days later. For me it's just way too cold to wheel out my MES 30 and fire it up. I don't like working with frozen hands and I prefer to see smoke issuing from the top vent of my smoker instead of similar-looking condensed vapor issuing from my breathing. I admire you guys who do but for me smoking is a warm, dry  weather activity. I live in the Seattle area so I also don't like to bring out the smoker when it's raining.
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