what am I doing wrong?

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by skootchnc, May 23, 2016.

  1. skootchnc

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    Butterball Turkey breast. Apple/cherry wood... Masterbuilt pro smoker chugging away @ 250 roughly 6 hours IT 160

    Meat tender and juicy but skin like leather.... I have made a dozen or more turkeys (whole and bone in breast) each one was delicious, but all of them have had skins of leather.

    Brisket? not THAT I have down pat.... ditto for ribs,eye rounds  and thick center cut pork chops...

    I've tried slathering the skin with butter before adding seasons... olive oil... I just don't know.

    NOT complaining mind you, as the meat is perfect.... I'd just like a little more of bot the seasoning and the smoke in the meat
  2. westby

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    The only way I can get chicken / turkey skin crispy is to cook it much hotter - usually 300 - 350.
  3. Poultry likes higher temperatures to crisp the skin. I smoke them in the 325-330 range on my WSM. The skin is always crispy and the fat layer underneath is rendered off at the higher temperatures.

    Another option is to reverse sear them after smoking. This method will also leave the skin crispy. Place them under a broiler, on a charcoal charcoal grill, etc for a few minutes.

    Either works well for me!!!
  4. smokinal

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    Very hard to get turkey skin crispy, chicken skin a little easier.

    Luckily we don't eat the skin so low & slow for juicy meat.

  5. cats49er

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    Brine it salt water over night in the frig . Then pat it dry  and put it back in the frig uncovered  and let the skin dry out over night.Then smoke it at 325 until you reach safe IT.It will be moist and have the skin you want.This way gives me the best results.

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