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Discussion in 'Grilling Chicken' started by oconeeal, Aug 21, 2013.

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    I have a Akorn Kamado-Style Grill/Smoker with a smoking stone.  I also the a ET-732 which I have check to make sure it working right.  I will brine my chicken in salt and brown sugar for 8 hour then rinse off and let dry.  I am smoking at 225-250 to IT hit 165.  The skin on the chicken is not turning at all.  I would like to have some crispy skin and a little color to it?  The chicken taste great but would like the crispy color skin.  Thanks for any help.
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    there's a couple of options for crispy skin...

    1. higher temps in smoker... around 300`
    2. continue smoking at low temps but pull and crisp up skin on a grill
    3. smoke with low temps and put under broiler when almost done

    the search box at the top of every page could/would be your best friend.. there are SOOOOOOOO many question on this subject....

    good luck with whatever you chose
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    I am not sure if this will solve your problem, but it will give you a little more info. I recently cooked my whole chicken at 285-300 for 2-2.5 hours. It came out amazingly moist but the skin was still rubbery. I think the only options would be to try an oil for crisping or broil/grill at the end. I will probably never bother, i just peeled the skin (took 15 seconds) and chopped the skin up and mixed it with the shredded chicken. Worked great enough i wont bother with crisping the skin until i am tryin to impress a judge. :) good luck and let us know what you come back with!
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    I do chicken on my uds at 350-375 and get crispy skin.
  5. Smoking at 225°-250° will never give you crisp skin. Kick the temp up at the end or smoke hotter. 325°-350°

    Happy smoken.

  6. oldschoolbbq

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    If all else else fails ; get a torch and singe it.....[​IMG]
  7. so ms smoker

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     As said above, higher temps, at least at the end, will crisp the skin. Give it a try.

  8. I smoke chicken on my BGE and a 4 lb bird took about 90 minutes with indirect heat, but temp should be your final determination.  I use a digital remote thermometer (Maverick ET-732, one of the best investments I ever made) and monitor temp that way.

    I always brine my chicken for 12 hours (Slaughterhouse brine found in the forums) and add salt by weight, not by volume.  I use 1 lb salt (usually kosher sea salt) for 2 gallons of water.  It's a little below the recommended salt % but I have had great results with it as have others I've shared it with.  

    For crispy skin, pat the skin dry with some paper towels and separate the skin from the breast meat.  Store uncovered in the fridge for 36 hours (24 hrs minimum).  The skin looks gnarly but comes out ever so crispy and delicious with the BGE set at 350.

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