what all has everyone smoked/ favorite

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  1. Just curious what all everyone has smoked so far meat wise and the variety. Is there a meat you never plan on smoking?

    So far I have smoked trout, salmon, sausage, pulled pork, whole chicken, chicken thighs, chicken legs, split turkey, turkey legs, fatties, and now a brisket. Coming up will be buffalo and then onto ribs. Ribs are my favorite so I have avoided smoking them until I'm good and ready. Afraid of ruining them haha. I believe I like the pulled pork and salmon the best so far.
  2. buck1949

    buck1949 Smoke Blower

    Ribs, fatty's and meatloaf have been my favorites so far. Oh and some smoked baked beans!! :drool
  3. I tried smoking dutches bean recipe and it didn't seem to absorb smoke much...

    Granted I didn't follow his recipe to a t. I also used local beans Hanover foods homestyle baked beans.

    Now don't get me wrong I loved the beans but mines well put them in the oven and add more meat to my smoker haha.
  4. chef jimmyj

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    Stirring the beans periodically will fix the problem. Hanover Beans are fine for this recipe...JJ
  5. Oh... man that was probably the issue! Thanks JJ ! Going to have to go at it again and pair up with something that needs squirted down often.
  6. buck1949

    buck1949 Smoke Blower

    Guess I was lucky. I did not stir my aluminum pan full of beans but I did have them on the lower shelf to catch some of the pork drippings. They had a great smokey flavor - but thinking about it I bet they would have been even smokier with stirring.
  7. brooksy

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    Ribs, butt, whole hog,ox tail, chuck roast, prime rib, pork shank, whole chicken, wings, thighs, salmon, catfish, oysters, mac and cheese and beans. I think my favorite was the whole hog. There isn't anything that I wouldn't do again.
  8. Whole hog is definitely on my agenda... when I get a pit big enough to put one in haha.

    Ox tail sounds interesting. May have to search that up
  9. brooksy

    brooksy Master of the Pit

    The ox tail had very good flavor but I needed to cook it longer to get it to the fall apart stage. 4 hours wasn't long enough. I did the pig on the smoker that I made but it doesn't get used anymore since I bought a big one. I cooked it 14 hours and it was fall apart. Hope you get a chance to do one soon.
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  10. When I do Dutch's wicked beans, I am usually cooking spare ribs. I trim the brisket off the ribs, and smoke them right along with the ribs. After 2-3 hours I dice the rib brisket meat up and add it to the beans. Definitely adds some smokey meaty flavor to them.
  11. I did Dutch's beans two weekends ago and they were very good, I did stir often and also added smoked rib trimmings into the mix, they were very pleasantly smokey but not over-done. Next time for my taste I will go for less sugar and more bacon as my only tweaks.
  12. merrymanb

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    My favorite of all is lobster tails. I do them just the way Jeff reccommends.

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