what a deal

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by charcoal junkie, Feb 21, 2014.

  1. I just bought a TSM 20 LB SS meat mixer on Amazon $35.00 with shipping.
  2. oh wow super
  3. Got mine on order!  Mine was $27.55, shipping included!
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  4. I must of missed this. I cant find it any where on amazon for that price
  5. Sold out! But if you want a meat slicer type in TSM 7.5 Inch All Purpose Meat Slicer it's $17.00 plus $10.00 shipping !
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    Here is a 220 # mixer for $23 with $283 shipping...... Not for me..... HAHAHAHA

  7. Gone!
  8. How do you guys find these great deals? I'm starting to think they really don't exist........ 
  9. daveomak

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  10. Saw Charcoal Junkie's first post & went to site. They only had 2 left lasted about 5 mins. Checked the store front of the seller and saw the slicer. You can see by my posts they only lasted about 10 mins. Lucky for me I need neither, but I posted in case anyone else was in the market. With Amazon you must check on items you might like often because sellers often run clearances but they never last long.
  11. Follow up!  Just got an email from Amazon about that TSM manual 20 lb mixer for  27.55  The seller TAHOE Ecommerce cancelled the order,due to what they call a "pricing error".  Don't think I will be interested in anything else they are trying to sell.
  12. My order was cancelled also. I emailed the seller told him it was priced at X amount I bought it for X amount end of story. Will see what the reply.
  13. Yep if you payed the advertised price, even if it was an error, the error was not on your behalf, so if they fail to deliver the goods, then sue them.

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