Wha Extly is a Pork Boston Butt Roast?

Discussion in 'Meat Selection and Processing' started by learnin2smoke, Oct 26, 2014.

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    I have never smoked a Boston Butt before, let alone purchased the meat to do so. But I am working up the nerve to try it, so I was doing a little retcon at my supermarket today and I saw several cuts labeled "Port Boston Butt Roast". I know the cuts used for pulled pork are called Boston Butts - these cuts were bone in, but they didn't have the fat cap that I usually see as bark here in a lot of pictures of the cooked product. Is this the cut of meat I should be looking for when trying to find the cut used for pulled pork? Could the fat cap just have been trimmed off prior to packaging? If this is the cut, how do I find them with the fat cap still intact? Is that a special request I need to make to whomever is trimming the meat? Or should look for something else? BTW - the cuts were all between 5 and 8 lbs....just no fat cap.

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    I don't buy ones with the fat cap removed. It adds flavor and helps keep the butt moist during the smoke. You can remove it once it is done before you pull it. All you have to do is inject and or rub your butt with your favorite injection or rub, put it in the fridge overnight, get your smoker going get it up to 225-250, put it on and forget about it for about 5 hours. Now put your temperature monitor on and wait for it to get to 190-200 internal temp. Pull it, wrap it and put it in a cooler for about and hour. When you take it out is will fall apart on you. Piece a cake to do.
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    yes.. talk to the butcher.. ask him if you can get a "whole untrimmed boston butt roast" ... then do as MJeff said.... i always crosscut the fat cap a little to let the rub and such reach the meat through them....

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