Wet to Dry Brisket Smoke on Treager

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by big jim jones, Mar 6, 2016.

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    Ok, after purchasing a treager junior a few months back I finally tested out a brisket.  I purchased a 4.3 lb brisket flat from Costco.  My preferred method of cooking brisket is using the wet to dry method of smoking. In the past I have been very successful using this method with a smoking mountain and smoke vault type smokers.  So I figured I would try to do the same concept on the traeger jr.

    I have had the best luck with this method trimming the brisket of most fat; I rubbed the brisket down the night before with salt, pepper, and some ground coffee. Normally I would just use SPOG but currently the wife cannot eat garlic and onion so I figured I would throw in the coffee for a change.  I started the brisket at seven in the morning and let it ride on the smoker using the smoke setting for an hour or so.  The temps ranged from 120-140 then I cranked it up to 225 and it held the majority of the day between 220 and 250 fairly consistent for a traeger.  I did place a water pan under the drip pan for the moisture.  I was shooting for an internal temp of 180.  At around four it had finally reached target temp.  I was getting high readings with my temp probes so the last hour I was using my thermapen to make sure the brisket temp was spot on.  I took it off and it looked like my normal smoked brisket.  I foiled it, wrapped it in towels and threw it in the cooler for two hours.

    My finished product had a decent bark, nice dark color from the coffee, decent smoke ring and flavor.  The only issue is that my wet to dry brisket is usually glistening with juices and moist.  This turned out on the dry side.  The meat had good flavor and pulled apart easily.  Overall many would think it was bomb but I just did not get the juicy, moist meat that I have been accustomed too.  My best guess is that I cooked it too long but I spose it could be the smoker.  I added some pics of my finished product.  Any ideas on what the problem was would be greatly appreciated.

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    Your brisket looks good from here.

    Never tried the wet/dry method before, so I can't help you with that.


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