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  1. Hi guys, today was ment to be a nice spring day of 32c (90F), so I gave the weber kettle & Wsm a wash down! I also got my two 20kg bags of charcoal & divided the small and big lumps up into 2 plastic rubbish bins! Then we went to the pub for lunch!!! I forgot to put the lids on the charcoal bins! cut the story short, next morning there is 30cm of water in each bin! Big winds and rain came across the gulf!

    Can I Dry charcoal out? & if so how long to Dry?

    thanks guys
  2. I have laid it out to dry in the sun and has some success with it, but it never really burned the same. I left it out for the day while I did other stuff, so no real time line for how long. I would try and remove what you can from the top and toss what was sitting in the water. If you need to cook today I would get some fresh stuff to work with.
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    Yeah, you pretty much havae to start over with fresh stuff. Once they get wet they really don't work well afterwards-they may look and feel dry, but a lot of the time, they are still wet on the inside. I've tried drying them out on a cookie sheet on my gas grill turned down low for a couple of hours but I didn't see any noticeable difference to make it worth doing again.

    With grilling season basically over (except for us diehards), Lowes and Home Depot are clearing out the grills and briquettes. You can find some nice deals. I was at Lowes last weekend and they had their wrapped double 13 lb. bags of Kingsford Charcoal for $9.00. I loaded up in July so I plenty. Shoot I still have a couple of bags of the Original Kingsford Blue left from when I used to compete in Dutch Oven Cook-offs.

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