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Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by rober49, May 30, 2016.

  1. rober49

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    went to look at a used horizon smoker yesterday. I took my welding chipping hammer along & i'm glad I did. the firebox was full of really wet ashes. I removed what was left of the grate which was buried in the ashes, moved some ashes aside & gave the bottom a few raps with the pointed end of the chipping hammer. on the third hit the point came out the bottom of the firebox. this smoker is 7 years old, is always outdoors & has never been covered. if seasoned & kept oiled/painted that would not be a big deal. the important thing though is that he rarely completely cleaned out the ashes. wet ashes=rust. many an old wood stove met with similar fates. any of y'all who are new to burning wood or charcoal keep this in mind. you might just save your cookers.

    this horizon smoker is salvageable. a piece of plate, some blacksmithing, & welding & it will be good to go.

    & anyone in the st louis area i'm still looking to trade.
  2. smokingrookie

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    I think I had heard that when ashes get wet they turn acidic also. Which would speed up the corrosion process.
  3. joe black

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    If the ashes are white oak, that's what my grandmother used to make lye soap. Lye and metal don't mix at all. You're asking for FB failure.
  4. rober49

    rober49 Smoke Blower

    that's my point. makes for an extremely corrosive mixture

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