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    I bought a 20lb bag of Western hardwood lump from Atwoods the other day just to try,  it was $16 after taxes so it wasnt that great of a deal imo.  Anyhow it said "New and improved"  on the bag and I had done some reviews and seen a lot og bad review with this company from way back. 

    Well I lit some up today in my brinkman vertical smoker and cooked a thick sirloin and some corn cobs.   I am really impressed with it,  it had a lot of real big dense peices of log,  none of it appeared to be any scrap lumber just real dense wood.  it took a bit to get started in the chimney but then when it got started it took off and burned clean,   no popping, no big flames,  no heavy smoke.  and it had a nice smell and flavor,  you could tell a lot of it was mesquite.  The stuff burns hot  and I mean really hot and it burns for a long time,  hotter and longer then anything I have cooked with.  I havent checked the ash yet because my smoker is still setting at 275   with the vents closed,  it was up over 400 deg f when I was cooking the steak and that was 4 hours ago. 

    I am a die hard royal oak lump user but I was really impressed with this Western lump enough so that I am going to try and keep some stocked at the house.

    Anyone else try any as of lately?
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    Can't get it around here.

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