Well, the old Bar-B-Chef is getting ready to get fired-up ( Q-view )

Discussion in 'Pork' started by benswholehogbbq, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. And on it will be going a 12 pound butt, 2 chicken halves, about 6 leg quarters, and a threreabouts 20oz porterhouse ( all at different times, dontcha' know ). Oh, and a nice pan of a chickpea-black bean thang' I do.

    And speaking of getting " fired up " I'd like to, but it's gonna' be a LONG night, and an early morning. And it's about 100 degrees out back. Gotta' maintain.

    Q-view to come.............
  2. pineywoods

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    Sounds good don't forget the Qview
  3. deannc

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    LOL...I heard that on the "getting fired up" part! I have the urging to but like you I've got a long night ahead with a butt I'm throwing on later tonight.  Have a great smoke and we'll check back for that Qview!
  4. Well, here's the setup -

  5. Well, here's the 12 pounder after 3 hours ( about 3 hours ago ). Since then, the chicken is on, and the butt is in a nice, long stall at 143.

    I'll get the finished products up to take a gander at whenever this marathon is over ! 

  6. Well, here we are after 14 hours ( 166 internal )

    The marathon continues.................................[​IMG]
  7. mballi3011

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    Yes sir that's one fine looking butt there Ben. I can't wait for the finish and I'm sure you can't either.
  8. Well, the 12lb thing has been pulled ( after dang near 17 hours ). I'll get some more pics up after it rests............and so do I !

    Good night...........or is it morning ?

    One more quick pic.......



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  9. tnbarbq

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    Very nice job!  The bark looks great.  Samples being accepted!
  10. deannc

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    Glad to hear you finished the marathon! LOL  Looks like the bone is ready to fall right out, nice!
  11. okbeard1

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    That looks great - I haven't got to a bark like that, but that is my favorite part of what I used to have to BUY, but now get to TRY :) -   Happy Eating!
  12. Thanks for the kind words, fellas. It came out great. My only miss was not doin' two of 'em ( those sammiches were pretty popular ).

    The ironic thing is that when I was doing this smoke ( for the time I put in, I almost could have done a suckling pig ), the National Capital Barbecue Battle was going on downtown ( about 30 minutes from here ). Well, MAYBE next year I'll come up with the $375 to enter, and throw my goods in the pit !

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