well heres my 1 attempt at apple wood cold smoked bacon

Discussion in 'Bacon' started by slydog, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. im having  problem with computer im not very good with them[​IMG][​IMG]
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  2. pineywoods

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    It looks awesome great color [​IMG]
  3. jalan43

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    You might have a problem with the computer but you make some great looking bacon!
  4. harleysmoker

    harleysmoker Smoking Fanatic

    Man that looks nice!
  5. ellymae

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    Looks good from where I am sitting! How'd it taste?
  6. Thanks Ellaymae it tasted great,  the wife really enjoyed it and she  not a bacon fan 
  7. thanks harely
  8. ty jalan
  9. venture

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    Good luck and good smoking.
  10. smokinal

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    The bacon looks fantastic! Got any sliced shots?
  11. Great looking color on it! 
  12. question? you don't cook the bacon out do you? i just did an 8 hour smoke and never got it aboce 105 deg.

    then popped it into the freezer chilled it down so i could sclice it up and ended up  with 9 1lb packages.

    i did the same thing to my hams ,8 hours cold smoke, forgot to mention at 4 hours into my bacon & hams  i tossed in 6 turkies

    at the end of the 8 hours i pulled the bacon  , cranked up the heat slowly for 4 more hours and cuked out hte hams adn turkies

    didthink and bout shooting pictures of the bacon  but i did with the ham, it was a first for me.[​IMG]
  13. Very nice.  Oh well, another to add to the to do list.  It just keeps on growing.
  14. thats a nice looking ham....no i cold smoked it for about 10 hrs never went above 85
  15. daveomak

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    Dog, evening.... You sure have the bacon figured out.... mighty fine lookin'.....  Dave
  16. thanks dave it sure does taste good too, going to pick another one up  looks like rain for awhile so i cant golf

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