welder for mods ?

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by gorillagrilla, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Lookin for a cheap welder to do light mods on my smokers. Have not welded since high school so not really up on em . Found this el cheapo at a local kragen and wondered if it would be good enough for light duty stuff.

  2. garyt

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    Check link no specifics, they want my zip code.
  3. garyt

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    After further investigation I would not buy, for a few bucks more you could get a wire feed unit. ain't great but would work
  4. thats the thing. cant find any info on that thing[​IMG]
  5. Yeah B.W. , saw that link . They dont seem to know much about it. Ford guys...Go figure[​IMG] Thanks for da research !
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    I just bought a Miller 210 wire welder for $800 that had been used only 3 times. I put more marks unloading it out of my pickup than the previous owner did. Bargains are out there for those with cash to spare.
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    Are you looking for a small MIG (wire feed) welder? That's what I would recomend, they are the easiest to learn. How much are you looking to spend?

    I don't know if you have a store called "Northern Tool" out there but, here's a link to some of thier MIG welders. They even have a couple that plug into a 120V outlet.

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  9. rickandtaz

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    Great find Goat! I've got that same model, though I paid a little more for mine, darn it. You're going to love that welder!
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    stay away from foriegn made italy is worst the best wire feed on the market for us home owners part time user is the hobart handler.
    can pick one up at any farm supply store itw makes these so it has all miller parts. I know this as i repair welders and plasma cutters.keep a lookout in papper,fleamarkets,yard sales for one.
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    careful when buying a cheap "harbor freight" welder. chances are you'll want to weld material of different gauges down the road. cheap assed welders will not do this. generally, a crappy welder will only weld 16 gauge through 18 gauge sheet. that's why they're crappy. i'm running a millermatic 140 with auto-set and i couldn't be happier. i can weld 28 gauge as well as 1/4 in. and everything in between. remember this thing will last 20 years or so, i would buy a nice one. there are good second hand deals to be had as well.
    hope this helps,
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    Is sit possible to have all your parts cut and ready then rent and or borrow one? Out Home Depot here rents them and also rental companys in the area.
  13. 4age

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    i have a lincoln wire feed i got at lowes. can't remember but think it was around $300
  14. just gonna throw in my two cents worth here. I used to weld quite a bit at work and still do at home. I borrowed my uncles lincoln 130-135? It was a 110v unit for a small project i was working on. If you are gonna weld super light metal and only super light metal, you will probably get away with it. You are going to wanna get the gas kit for it, makes for a much easier time ( plus you don't have the nasty's left on the weld) I gave up on his as I'm used to using miller 250's at work. I bought a hobart 175 from toolking for a little over $400. Its a 220v unit, welds everything I want to or else I can use the stick. Can weld from sheet metal up through 1/4", can go thicker if I feel like running multiple passes. All said and done with bottle, cart, and accesories I'm in it for around $750. Like others have said, if you can't swing it now ( I had to save for a while) wait and get yourself a quality welder, you're gonna thank yourself later. Remember, every welder manufacturer out there over rates what their machine can do. If it says welds 3/16 in a single pass, plan on it being more around an 1/8 in a pass and so on. Also pay attention to duty cycle, theres nothing worse than waiting on a welder to cool down during a project.

  15. Thanks for the input Dodger. Basically lookin to build a few drum smokers for friends and family for the holidays and wanted to get out of the whole nut , bolt and washer hastle. Below is the contraption I would like to weld. Also the handles and hinge.
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    If you want a lower cost wire welder go to Tractor Supply; but your local welding suppy store may direct you to a local hobby welder as well. It'd be nice to have a neighbor or a neighbor's kid be able to do it for costs plus a little? Just and idea. I have a stick welder and it is a little heavy for thin sheet metal; but my OxyAcetylene Unit can do thin stuff. If you are close to Sedalia, MO let me know. Rich[​IMG]
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    ..I've got a MillerMatic 130 wire, a miller 250 wire and a Lincoln 225 stick. You can weld up to 1/4 " with no problem with the 130. If you have not welded much you should buy a brand name wire as they will give you better results with less problems.

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