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Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by twanger1994, May 28, 2011.

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    Happy Memorial Day!!  "weekend"

    Got a question about a metal frame I will be building. The frame will hold a Gas BBQ and also burners for my Home-brew kettles... It is portable and needs to be strong due to the weight that will be placed on it.  ie... the grill, 2-15gallon converted kegs, and a mash tun...

    My question is about how the 1.5" steel square tube will form a corner. I'm not sure if I should weld the two top pieces at  45 degrees to make a corner and place a leg cut flat under that joint or 45 the leg to the crossbar and then tie the front and back together... Thanks for any information ya'll got
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    I assume that you are using light gauge 1 1/2" tubing.

    I am guessing that you aren't talking over 500 lbs probably. So I would say to just weld it up the way that pleases the eye best. 

    A 45 degree joint is nice looking and strong as well since the leg is either right below the joint or right on the inside of both pieces, either way the two pieces are welded together along with being welded twice to each leg. If it was really tall, maybe a tiny gusset would make it a little more stable.

    You can also build it with the leg made the same length at you want the stand high. Then bring each of the four sides into the leg, then cap the top end of the legs. 

    It honestly doesn't matter what joint you use, so long as the welds are sound. 

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