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  1. Fairly new to smoking. About a month now with my Brinkmann Gourmet Electric (I know…but gotta start somewhere…will be upgrading soon…wished I would have discovered this site first!!!). Felt comfortable enough to have some friends over for some Q. Did a small trimmed brisket. Had to cut it in half to get it on the smoker. Also 3 racks of baby backs and a stuffed chicken. 

    Thursday night I rubbed the brisket with my patented Cumin-brown sugar based rub. 

    Put the Brisket on at 10pm Friday with some Mesquite and apple and went to bed. Foiled it at about 8am at 160 IT. She pulled out of the stall after about 2 hours. Put the ribs on at 9am. Foiled them at 1pm. Unfoiled them at 4pm. Got em off at 5pm. Got the brisket to 195 IT at around 4 and into the cooler for 90 minutes. Had the stuffed chicken on the gasser (not enough room on the smoker) at 4:15 and off at 5:30. 

    The Q was outstanding and got rave reviews. Some things I have learned in a few weeks and especially today with as much meat on the BGES:

    *The BGES will get to 237 empty but with a brisket and ribs and ambient temp outside at 50 overnight and didn't reach 60s til late morning this cheap smoker struggled. A little breeze didn't help. The temp stays between 205-215 for the most part. Should be fine with summer coming but I see the value in an insulated smoker. 

    *I am wondering if the brisket could be put back on the smoker after the foiling? I like what it did to the ribs by tightening them up a bit adding some color after the foiling. When I get a smoker with adjustable temps I may try putting it back in after foiling at around 200 and letting it stand open for a bit before slicing. May try no foiling at all once just to see, but I have had good luck with foiling at 160.   

    *Overnight is the way to go for long smokes. 

    *I may prefer my ribs with no foiling at all. These were outstanding, but for some reason I think maybe slightly less flavorful. 2 weeks ago I did not foil and they seemed better. Maybe because I didn't have brisket to distract then like I did today. 

    *Making homemade sauce a few days ahead really brings it together. Everyone loved my tangy and regular (kinda sweet). 

    OK here are a few pics of the brisket, ribs, green chili mac and cheese and baked upside down bruschetta:

    The brisket was just sliceable- on the verge of pull-able but definitely sliceable. Incredibly moist and tender. 

  2. foamheart

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    Those are some pretty looking ribs!
  3. disco

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    These look great. What do I have to do to get an invite?

  4. Looks like some good eating to me - I bet you had some happy friends  [​IMG]
  5. waterinholebrew

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    Looks very tasty.... Nice job !! Thumbs Up
  6. Thanks guys.

    Has anyone ou a brisket back in after foiling? Tighten it up and maybe reclaim some bark?
  7. That looks yummy.  You're making me hungry! [​IMG]

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