Weekend Smoke

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  1. I smoked two pork butts on Saturday (Oct 25) for the church outreach event on Sunday (Oct 26). I have attached some Q-View. I oiled the butts and added Stubbs Pork Rub on Friday night, covered them up and placed on the Kamado Joe Grill on Saturday. After reaching an internal temp of 165F, i foiled them up with apple cider in the bottom of the pan and went until the internal temp reached 195F.

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  2. Looks great!

    Just curious about your screen name.  Of the five ships I was stationed on, two were LPD's and one an LSD.  I'm assuming you know what those are by your name and that you a very fond of jarheads...lol

  3. Additional Q-View.

    AJBert, I served on board an LST stationed out of NAB, Little Creek. Fond of jarheads, not really. Living with 300 of them, not so fun at times.
  4. We might have made a cruise or two together.  I was out of NOB from '83 to '86 on the USS Trenton.  If I'm not mistaken, the Fast Freddie was the LST in the ARG's we were part of.

    The pulled pic really reminds me I need to get some pulled pork done before winter sets in!  Just trying to wait for them to go on sale but I don't see that happening anytime soon
  5. Food Lion had them on sale last week so I bought a few even though the largest they had on sale was about 4.5 lbs. I was stationed on the USS Sumter(LST-1181). We always went out with the Shreveport & Inchon.

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