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Discussion in 'Pork' started by theelballew, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. theelballew

    theelballew Smoke Blower

    Well, the wife went out of town this past weekend, so that left me to myself and an opportunity. I'm thinking about upping my smoke game and getting a big boy smoker.  I talked to the guy who is selling it and he let me take it for a test drive this weekend. 

    The menu was:

    Boston Butt

    Brisket Flat - (new rub experiment)

    Smoked Beans

    Queso Mac and Cheese

    Alabama White Sauce Slaw

    Butt rubbed down.

    Brisket flat

    Rub components

    Rubbed down

    Perspective Smoker - Bubba Grill 250 with Rib box

    Smoker set up

    Butt on first

    Best friends forever

    Beans mixed

    Brisket getting wrapped

    Butt wrap

    Looking creamy

    Beans smoked up

    I took a platter over to the neighbors....

    I kept the brisket for myself.

    This was a really good smoke. Everything turned out great. The big smoker needs a lot of wood to keep it going. I would like to know from some of the other guys who have big smokers.....is the juice worth the squeeze?  I've got what I think is a really good price on it, but that's still a lot of money.
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  2. mowin

    mowin Master of the Pit

    Im getting the same somker. Being delivered August 4th. What is he asking for it?

    Looks like you nailed the cook. Everything looks great. :drool

    How were the side to side temps? Overall what did you like or dislike about the pit?
  3. smokinal

    smokinal Smoking Guru Staff Member Moderator OTBS Member ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    That's a fantastic looking rig, but as you said the big rigs use a lot of fuel.

    It sure would look cool sitting in my driveway!

    Looks like you figured out how to use it, cause the Q looks fantastic!

    Point for a great looking platter & making the carousel!

  4. theelballew

    theelballew Smoke Blower

    I've got the guy talked down to $3000 for the rig.

    I thought that the rig was great overall. The side vents were tightened to prevent drifting, so I had a soft blow mallet to hit the adjustment levers with....also, those would be very hot to the touch if I didn't use the hammer. The temperature was very easy to adjust and maintain. The racks pull out real easy and the propane torch ignition was pretty cool.

    The fuel consumption was pretty high.  If you are cooking lots of meat, then it wouldn't be an issue at all.  I burned an entire bag of hickory mini logs (academy sports) and a bag of charcoal during the 9 hours it was rolling.

    I really can't say anything bad about it because I enjoyed the heck out of that experience and my food turned out great.

    I'm hoping I can get the final approval from the wife on this purchase!
  5. noboundaries

    noboundaries Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    When your wife is home, invite the neighbors over who received the platter of BBQ.  Ask them how they liked it.  They'll do all the selling for you!   
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  6. mowin

    mowin Master of the Pit

    Glad to hear the good review. Excited to get mine.

    3k doesn't sound too bad. There 4k new + shipping. Believe the upgraded wheels and batwing table will set you back another $300 or so.

    Make sure the house is clean and there flowers waiting for the wife and you'll be golden.
  7. phatbac

    phatbac Smoking Fanatic

    I wish clean house and flowers worked with my wife... i had to buy my wife a car to get my smoker!

    Good Luck with the wife ...i have found breakfast in bed helps too!.. Hope you get the new smoker!

    Happy Smoking,

    phatbac (Aaron)
  8. b-one

    b-one Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Nice looking smoke! Just get her outta town and pull the trigger,tell her you paid $1500 for it and what it's actually worth and the guy was just passing thru...... okay maybe not:devil: How often would you use it to its potential or at least close? The price doesn't seem bad for all that real estate! Good luck getting it!
  9. mowin

    mowin Master of the Pit

    Im in the "its better to ask for forgiveness than permission " club.. :biggrin:
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  10. 3montes

    3montes Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    If you can get access to oak or some other hardwood splits I think you will go through a lot less wood than you do with the bagged chunks. I'm sure those are pretty dry and burn quickly and not as hot as they should. Once my offset is heated up it will hold temp with just a softball sized bed of coals in it for hours. I just have to add a small split every 45 minutes or so to keep the coal bed going. Food looks great good luck on convincing the wife!!
  11. joe black

    joe black Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    That's a really good looking rig and it sure does give you some fine looking meat. I wish I was your neighbor 'cause that is an awesome plate. Don't worry about the purchase. A couple of pocket books and a couple pairs of shoes should do the deal. Besides, they are coming anyway.

    Keep up the good work and enjoy the new hardware,:points: Go heels
  12. Jealous! Hope you get sign off from the wife!
  13. uncle eddie

    uncle eddie Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    I wish I was your neighbor too - haha

  14. ammaturesmoker

    ammaturesmoker Smoking Fanatic

    Unless you are going to cater and do competitions, there is no way I would consider this purchase for the amount of meat you smoked. It's just not economical. I can smoke what you did in a 16 unit and only burn an 1/8 of the wood you burned.

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