Weekend pulled pork

Discussion in 'Pork' started by jaycoje, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. Smoked a butt for some pulled pork this weekend. I always use my own rub for my pork, but this time I used some rub I bought from the Salt Lick in when I was in Austin last week. Rubbed it the night before and put in the smoker at 6:30 am. At about 3:00 pm it hit 170 deg so I wrapped it in foil and kept cooking till 205 deg and then stuck in a cooler for an hour. The flavor was very good, the Salt Lick rub was a little salty on the crust so maybe I used too much, but no complaints probably the best butt I have ever done.Thanks for looking.
  2. smokeynose

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    Looks real good I love making pulled pork
  3. That looks great. You need to post it on smell-view......
    I'm do'in a butt this week end. hope it turns out as good as that looks.
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    Nice job! [​IMG] Everything looks good. Was the pp too salty once the bark was mixed in with the rest of the meat? You want to get as much flavor on the bark as you can because it the flavor lessens once it's mixed in with the rest of the meat.
  5. Once it was all mixed up it was perfect, it was only salty when I was picking at it before i pulled it. I was just use to my rub that's less salty and more sweet. The Salt Lick rub has a really nice kick to it too, I cant wait to try it on some ribs.
  6. That sure is making me hungry early this Monday morning.
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    Very nice smoke and Q, sounds like a good time was had by all.
  8. Great looking Q! I love that Salt Lick rub when I'm too lazy to mix up my own. I live about 30 from the original Salt Lick and must say, I'd be a thinner man if I didn't live so close to an all you can eat bbq joint. [​IMG]

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