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Discussion in 'Grilling Chicken' started by hova1914, Apr 27, 2013.

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    I grilled a lot of different things today (beef, poultry, seafood, & veggies) and was at odds about where to post it. So I chose poultry because that was the dish we raved about most.

    Prep Work:

    So for starters I chopped up fresh broccoli and placed it in a bowl full of warm water so it would absorb and steam better on the grill

    I seasoned the porterhouses, wrapped them, and left them on the counter to marinade and come to room temperature. I used McCormick's Montreal Steak seasoning for mine but SWMBO claims that it tastes "too processed and fake" and demands "fresher" seasoning. I think that's bs because it's all pre-packaged, but I know who the boss is so I just do as I'm told and developed a seasoning for her steaks based on McCormick's. I do a dusting of garlic powder, and crack some pepper and sea salt on both sides.

    Next I injected dale's marinade into some boneless skinless chicken breasts, wrapped them, and then set them in the fridge to marinate. I seasoned them with McCormick's low sodium chicken seasoning about 20 mins before putting them on the grill

    Now for the dish that was surprisingly the best, and I must give props to DirtSailor for the idea and inspiration. I decided to made bbq and hot wings, but instead of wet wings I injected them with garlic & their respective sauces and did a dry rub on the outside (keeps the wet aspect but makes them less messy and easier to grill). I injected franks red hot sauce and sweet baby rays, and rubbed grillmates for the BBQ and zatarain's as a hot wing rub base with red pepper flakes and cayenne for a little extra kick. I separated the two types with plastic wrap, then wrapped the whole tray and put it in the fridge to marinate.





    Set up the entire grill for direct heat and added hickory woodchips at the beginning of each dish for smoke. I started with the breasts.

    Moved to wings

    Then broccoli. I baste them occasionally using a 40/60 vegetable oil/water mixture. The water keeps moisture in the broccoli and allows it to steam. The oil keeps it sticky and gives something for the parmesean cheese to adhere to (I sprinkle on the parmesean after the broccoli is steamed and allow it to melt on the broccoli). Since vegetable oil causes flare-ups, you have to be careful that the flames don't burn the broccoli vice steam it, and that soot isn't kicked up onto the broccoli.

    I set the grill up for indirect heat and cooked the steaks. flash cooked them on direct high heat, then put them on the low heat side to allow them to come to temperature. med rare for SWMBO (left), med for me (right). I didn't get a pic on the grill because my pops called to talk about the draft and their fantasy implications for the upcoming season and he distracted me. but I did get a pic once I took them off the grill and plated them so they could rest.

    The final piece was squash medallions and shrimp. swmbo LOVES them, i don't like either. so i have no idea how she prepared them or marinated them. my job is to grill them. i did the medallions 2 mins per side on direct heat and basted after each 2 min period. the shrimp cooked on low heat during this time to absorb some smoke. once the medallions were removed, i placed the shrimp on direct heat, cooked 3 mins per side, and basted them when i flipped them. 

    Finished Results:

    The chicken and steak you saw. nothing else to show really outside of how beautifully pink and medium my steak was. i say this was the best steak i've ever grilled. swmbo says definitely top 3. everything was tender and juicy and flavorful. only change i would make is i would wrap the breasts in bacon next time.

    The wings (hot on left, bbq on right) are the reason i can't be too excited about the best steak i've ever grilled. i don't know if it was because they were something new, but swmbo agrees that they were AMAZING. the hot wings were perfect. the bbq wings were delicious, but i think i'll inject more sauce next time.

    Shrimp. swmbo loved them

    My plate. a lot of meat, a little green. #CavemanStyle :)

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    Looks amazing!  Like seeing a few veggies on that Fred Flintstone Plate!  [​IMG]

  3. woodcutter

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    What a spread!


    I would like to try the injected wings it sounds very good.
  4. oldschoolbbq

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    You're a busy Boy ,Hover.  Looks great and the rare Porter... haven't had one in 10yrs.

    Great post also... have fun and as always . . .
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    Wow talk about a feast! Those shrimp look good, were they marinated or butter & garlic? First DS now you, I think I am going to have to try injection of Cajun Garlic Power in some chicken legs. You guys are just too too happy with 'em.

    Thanks for sharing.
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    [​IMG]  Wow, awesome job on the great looking chow!

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