Weekend Cook Out!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mistahmoon1203, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. I cant wait!! going to get my little Master Forge smoker rolling tomorrow! cooking for about 20 people, and with the small pitt means i will be cooking in waves, so going to be an all day affair....my kinda weekend!!

    On the docket so far will be a couple smoked beer can chickens, a few slabs of ribs, sausage, boudin, and going to try my hand at putting some smoke on my BBQ baked beans! going to use a blend of mesquite and apple wood for my flavor.

    will have the gas grill going for some grilled veggies, stuffed jalepenos, and chicken wings! Ill post pics tomorrow throughout the day, but must say im pretty stoked to get this process going!!
  2. smokinal

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    Sounds like a fun day!

    Keep us posted!

  3. lancep

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    :grilling_smilie: Sounds like a great day, hope you got plenty of beer! And sunscreen!
  4. smokeymose

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    20 people! You're going to be a busy bee!
    Good luck and have fun!

  5. Beer can chicken resting in the fridge, ready for seasoning and prep come tomorrow!

    Drawer of meat...2 racks of ribs, sausage galor, boudin....

    Not pictured is a pack of chicken legs, grilled mushrooms and onions, grilled asparagus, as well as marinated squash and zuchini on the grill. Plus bacon wrapped stuffed jalepenos!

    Unfortunately no beef this go 'round...just dont have a big enough smoker for a brisket. Most like going to have to do the ribs in 1/2 racks so everything fits proper!
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  6. b-one

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    Looks like fun!
  7. kalua puaa

    kalua puaa Newbie

    Sounds like you'll have a great time, and the food looks good too!

    So what time should I be there? [​IMG]
  8. Haha if you in the area planning a 3pm for first pull!
  9. gearjammer

    gearjammer Master of the Pit

    I can see one major monumental, huge problem already.

    You must fix this problem before doing anything else.

    Man, you ain't got anywhere near enough beer.     [​IMG]

    Have FUN. 
  10. Oh thats just the beer for prep....plenty more coming, thats my cover charge...atleast a 12er
  11. smokeymose

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    Smart man.
    Thumbs Up
  12. disco

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    Great times from the looks of it!


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