Weekend Assignment!!!!!!

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  1. Happy Saturday Sweet Cookies!!!!!!!!!

    Whether celebrating St. Paddy's day, Purim, the Full Moon this weekend too, or whatever it be; please share some WINE with someone else, (as it is better than WHINING to someone of course), and then kindly post something here, about it all!

    Thanks tons!

    I just grilled simple smelts.

    Often I smoke them and there's a thread somewhere in FISH, with a title like, "Yes I eat bait and I like it" or something like this, where I show both SMOKED and grilled smelties, but today I was just using up some freezer odds and ends, and thus grilled smelts and they were terrific!

    Whipping up a quickie healthful "pesto" made from a microwaved bag of frozen spinach that needed to be used up, and then some fresh basil, and chopped raw elephant garlic, olive oil, and freshly squeezed lime, I had this fun "pesto concoction"...

    I rubbed that over the smelts, even if that got lost a bit while grilling...(as I saved plenty to just ladle over the plate and eat as well)...

    Grilling over natural charcoal for 18 minutes, these were delicious...

    I added them around a mound of that same pesto, dusted it all with red chile flakes, and some Black truffle sea salt and more olive oil...

    (yes, I know, I eat a lot of sea salt, a lot of olive oil, some grass fed New Zealand steak and exotic red game meat in ample quantity - or about once a week - and some cheese made out of either goat, sheep or sometimes buffalo - and I do STILL consider those things to be "healthy")...

    And I paired this with my simple Louis Latour White Burgundy (Chardonnay from France, and so you can use any Chard you like)...

    And it was lovely!

    My husband, who had been drinking red, had just one dot of red wine in his dear glass and thus splashed my white into his, (as the teacher or "multi-time Knighted" in wine Guru who taught me everything about wine that I know did teach me to do, and thus I taught my husband to do it too), and therefore made his own "Blush!" 

    Hard to see in this shot, but I will blather about that another time, and teach why it is VERY correct (to make your own "blush" at the table, during dinner), in savvy wine circles!!! A fun lesson for another day!

    Meanwhile, let it never be said that a simple "use up your freezer" and "pair it with your simple house wine" kind of day, can't be damn delicious!!!!

    Cheers, and please share your doings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Leah
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  2. daveomak

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    Leah, morning.... The smelt looks awesome.... Nice plating.....
  3. Good Morning Indeed To You, Dave!

    And thanks so much!

    Come share a wine sip of yours with us this weekend!!!

    Cheers! - Leah
  4. mdboatbum

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    Ugh. Made the mistake of going to see my old friend Blind Willie O'Shea last night. I'm going to have to resign from the wine group and never, ever even think of alcohol ever again for the rest of my life. That is of course provided I survive this morning, which at the moment seems like somewhat of a long shot. Despite my nausea and general ill will towards food at the moment, those smelts look like they would be tasty.
  5. Oh Andrew; you've come to the right place. Not to worry!

    I too have visited your pal Blind Willie O'Shea on a chunk of occasions, (despite me not having lived in DC for 15 years), but O'Shea makes house calls, right?

    OK; so the Irish half of my liver, (from Dunmanway, in County Cork in fact), can empathize and here's the only remedy I've found to work. The only one!

    1. Take a can of sardines and dump them on a plate, douse with olive oil, AND some salt. Eat that.

    2. Take a spoon of Dijon mustard.

    3. Tell "the man upstairs" THREE very good things you are doing tomorrow so long as you are gifted to "live another day."

    4. Repeat.


    After this little special ritual, and those two cans of sardines etc.; you will eventually feel as good as new and even up to having a glass or two of wine today - believe it or not - but SKIP it, save it, wait until tomorrow, and sleep tonight, and then enjoy your vino - without O'Shea, tomorrow.

    You heard it here!!!!

    Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Leah
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  6. mdboatbum

    mdboatbum Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I appreciate the prescription. I may just have to try that. Thus far my usual remedy of willing the misery from my body hasn't had any effect.

    And for the record, Blind Willie O'Shea is an actual person, not a euphemism. Though to be fair, his name has been synonymous with overindulgence for as long as I've known him. I think perhaps you've invented a new euphemistic drinking reference. If I ever feel well enough to take another drink, I think I'll use it. Thank you. 

    If you were in DC 15 years ago you likely bumped into him (and me as well) if you spent any time in one of the fine (or not so fine) drinking establishments in the NWDC and/or Bethesda areas. If this is the case, I most likely owe you at least an apology. I'm told I tended to be a bit of a butthead back in those days, especially while in the company of Blind Willie.
  7. Hilarious Andrew!!!

    And who knows, we may indeed have crossed drinks when I lived in DC - the world being little as it is - and thus your apology is accepted! Smiles.

    I figured it to be an actual person but that DOES make an expression from here forward too! And a great one!

    Hey, it's a brand new and beautiful day, and my hopes are that your head doesn't feel as if it were mashed through a garlic press anymore; and that you have yourself a very wonderful Sunday dinner and with some vino, if up to it, and that all is well!!!

    Cheers indeed!!!! - Leah
  8. Hello! I came across your post after taking  a shot in the dark and typing in Purim - After smoking a brisket with Apple & Pecan, (I used a nice Young Cabernet Wine for shpritzing - and will be using the same wine for a "L' Chaim" today". 

    (un)Fortunately, I had to pay a neighborhood tax after the smoke (Ok just kidding - when I do a brisket I donate part to my missionary work - converting my neighborhood heathens (Read - giving a taste to my wonderful neighbors, who have never tasted real Kosher BBQ here in Northern NJ   :) - so for our Purim meal, not much is left, aside from a bit of the flat and some burnt ends (No one touches my burnt ends!), - now I just need to find some Guiness to wash everything down and I will be in heaven (and make both sides of my family happy for up-keeping both traditions simultaneously).

    Who can ask for more?!

    Beannachtam na Feile Padraig! & A Freilichin Purim!
  9. Mike72!!!

    Thanks for your greatly spoken Irish blessing, and Purim wish as well!

    Have I indeed met another half-breed? And a smoking one at that? L'chaim to you!

    Having been raised with both Jameson & Hamentaschen nearby therefore, (and am blogging about this odd upbringing tomorrow actually), I can entirely empathize with one feeding both sides of their family and at this time of year!

    Your brisket doings must have been wonderful!

    Here's to this very joyous holiday weekend and to all faiths and foods and fun which make it amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm so glad you're sharing here!!!!!

    OH, and have you some tasty Brisket photos!!!??? It sounds so good!!! (Feel free to post food & wine in here - whether posts, photos, or videos, any time)!!!

    Cheers!!! - Leah

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