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  1. I was wondering if anyone has found a good mod for running the thermometer probe somewhere other than the door or top vent?  It's a pain running it through the vent because then when you take the top off the probe gets pulled off the grate.  I saw you could buy a kit to switch out one of the screws but the et 732 probe is too big.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 
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  3. Thanks guys! It makes me a little nervous because I think it will void the warranty on the smoker but it seems like a great mod.  I actually do have angle grinder too.

    @Noboundaries  The new WSM have a grommet already built in for the probe?
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    Yes. The new WSMs have about a 1" hole in the barrel midway between the grates. A silicone grommet with a hole for a probe and a slit for lead wires fits in the hole.
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    Look just below my name and there is a link to the eyelet mod I came up with years ago.
  6. Thanks these both seem like good options. When I bought the WSM I didn't plan on making any mods ($400 you wouldn't think you'd have to) but after using it for a season it seems necessary. 
  7. Jus
    just followed the video on my 22 inch-came out perfect. Thanks again for the post!

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