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  1. So I have two Chargriller's with the SFB, one is a DUO and the other I've customized as my "dedicated smoker" and added a Nano Q with 25cfm pitbull fan.  I've always had decent results after years of dialing it in but its a fuel hog and I don't always trust the temps I get with it.  This weekend was pretty chilly out so I thought I would try something different.

    I got out my Webber kettle grill, its the big one, I think 21.5 inches around, got a medium size coal pile going with some appricot and mesquite and filled a disposable aluminum pan with an inch or two of water, set a rack on top and a brisket and let it cook.

    I just cant believe how good it turned out.  The water right below the meat steamed it and kept it nice and moist, it was excellent.  So good in fact that I did a pulled pork the next day that turned out equally as good.  I might have to put the old Chargriller on Craigslist if I can get these results with a charcoal grill. [​IMG]
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    Would love to see a pic of the set up you described. Sounds interesting!
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    I do all my long cooks on the Weber and save the CG for ribs,chicken and sausage.

    My set up looks like this, I add 12-15 fully lit briquettes to the left side of the panto start the burn. I have also learned to stand the wood pieces upright, laying them down starts coals further along the ring and makess controling temps more difficult. I can cook a butt in 9-10 hrs and have charcoal left over.

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  4. Interesting set up,  I will have to take some pics next time I do it so I can explain it a little better.  I took a pan about like what you got, put some water in it and set it on the cooking grate with the charcoal directly below the water pan.  Then I have another wire grate that I put over the water pan and the meat rests on it.  With the coals below the water pan it gets the water boiling nicely and produces steam directly below the meat.  Looks like what you got going would work good too though.
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    You just can't beat a Weber kettle. I have 3 of them & have smoked everything under the sun on them with great results. I even have one of them setup with a Guru port in it, so I can use my BBQ Guru with the kettle!

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